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Cool Cosplay Eyes

If you’re looking for a good way to adorn yourself for your next cosplay session, these great eyeshadow anime eyes are a great way to fix yourself up. See more unique eyeshadow styles over at Oddee.

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Corpse Bride Cosplay Art

Deviant Art user Malro Doll specializes in cool cosplay costumes, settings and photos. The result is impressively accurate to the original works.

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Red And Johnny

Red and Johnny are just your every day, average storm troopers, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to see what they do during off time. All we normally hear about is their jobs.

Geekery Weddings

Super Hero Wedding

Didn’t get enough cosplay action from my recent Comic Con posts? Then check out this geektacular wedding featured in The Daily Mail.

Comic-Con Hotties RTD Original

25 More Pics of Sexy Comic Con Cosplay Girls

It’s that time again. Time for pictures of geeky boys and hot girls masquerading their hearts out at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

I got so many photos this year, I’ve decided to break up the sexy girl photos from the rest so you can have your eye candy now and get your nerd on later.

X Men Fatale:

J-Style Cosplayers:

Wonderful Wonder Woman:

Smokin’ Super Woman:

More Sexy Super Heroines:

Villainous Heart Breakers:

Just Straight Sexy:

Adorable Animals:

Warrior Babes:

Sweet Steampunk:


Sleeping Beauty Cosplay Photos


Amature photographer positivespace posted this great image of Sleeping Beauty cosplyers on Flickr. The shots are amazing.

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Daily Goodness

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