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Who Knew Psychos Were So Sexy?


Well, at least psychos from Borderlands…there are plenty of very sexy psychos in real life. I’ve known plenty of people who have dated them in fact.

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These Geeky Pin Ups Sure Are Sexy


Dominic Marco has managed to successfully blend the beauty and classic style of old school pin up art with modern geek icons to make amazing geek pin up girls.

Thanks Geeks Are Sexy.

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Jabba the Slut’s Newest Captive


Oh Prince Leo, when will you stop putting yourself at risk for that rapscallion Helen Solo?

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Hello Lady Thor!


Lyly Spitfire’s cosplay skills aren’t just amazing for her great costuming abilities, but also because her figure is out of this world.

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Over 70 Gorgeous & Sexy Comic Con Cosplay Girls From 2012

For more hot Comic Con babes, don’t miss the galleries from 2011, 2010 and 2008.

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Sexy Comic Con Dudes

My apologies ladies, but I didn’t get that many photos of sexy gents this year, but on the upside, the quality of these muscle men makes up for their low numbers.

Magic Mike, thank you for spreading to Comic Con.

He might be bloody, but he’s got a great body under the blood and ink.

Of course, if you prefer the more traditional Wolverine, here you go.

Sorry guys, I’m out of singles.

If there aren’t enough guys for you here, check out this list of hotties from last year.

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Super Smash Bros. Burlesque

Now that’s sexy!!

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Star Wars Has Never Been So Sexy

Let’s all salute photographer Joey DeMarco for reminding the storm troopers what they’re fighting for.

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Would You Visit A Sci Fi Brothel?

I know many people have watched Star Trek and dreamed of one day enjoying the company of the sexy green gals from other worlds. Or at least, that’s what Moonlight Bunnyranch owner Dennis Hof is hoping for as he prepares to open his new science fiction brothel.

Really though, if he just gets enough slave Leias running around, I’m sure he’ll be raking in a profit in no time. Would you stop by a house of ill-repute filled with alien babes?

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The Sexiest Cosplay Costumes Ever

There are tons of sexy cosplayers out there, but let’s face it. Not many of them have the figures to match their characters of choice. Belle Chere is a notable exception as you can see in this amazing gallery over at Gamma Squad.