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These Cats Are Ready For Love


It’s heard to hide your true feelings when you wear your heart on your sleeve…errr, fur. But it’s hard not to love these sweet little kitties.

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40 Awesome Geek Valentine’s Day Cards


Aww, how romantic. There’s plenty more, including Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and other geeky fun stuff.

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Teddy Knows Who Will Win This Sunday

It’s official, put your money on the Ravens this year!

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47 Layer Dip For Super Bowl 47


It sounds alright, until you get to the middle of the list.

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A Plush Unicorn Bouquet For Your Sweetie


Wanna impress your geek girl this Valentine’s Day? Then forget flowers, instead, grab her one of these great plush unicorn bouquets from Think Geek.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Grumpy Cat

il_570xN.414875629_3i69Poor Tard, she can’t even enjoy Valentine’s Day, but it’s a complete loss -at least he has a great set of cookies to celebrate the holiday.

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20 Freaking Adorable Photos and Videos of X mas Animals



My newest feature on Oddee features some of the cutest and cuddliest critters ever born celebrating the holiday in style. Enjoy!




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12 Funny Kid’s Costumes

Oddee has a great article featuring 12 funny kid’s costumes. While many are offensive, I personally love this Wilson costume.

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A Portal Christmas Tree

I know Christmas is already over, but it’s never too late to share something as awesome as this Portal tree. If you want to know how to make your own for next year’s festivities, here are a few tips:

Basically, it’s our artificial tree which comes apart in three sections. The top section is suspended from the ceiling by an adhesive hook so it simply hangs downwards. The other two sections are connected and placed upside down on the floor – the tricky part is that the branches are meant to be kept extended out by gravity, so there is fishing line attached between each branch and what is usually the base of the tree, pulling the branches up towards the ceiling.

While it looks cool, it seems like it might get in the way since it takes up so much space.

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The Ultimate Geek Holiday Decoration

That’s right, it’s Lego Dalek santa!