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It’s Dangerous Out There…Take This

crochet unicorn pug hat

This magical unicorn dog will surely stop any enemies in their tracks. You can get one for your own pup from this great Etsy store.

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Cthulhu Ski Hat

cthulhu crochet ski maskReady to hit the slopes in style? Then buy your own Cthulhu ski mask!

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Pedobear Hat

If you liked those 6 year old French Vogue models a bit too much, have I got the hat for you.

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Awesome Star Wars Hats

Star Wars fashion is nothing new, but these amazingly detailed hats that can cost up to $100 certainly are. There are more than 20 styles, but the retail shop link is broken, so I don’t know where you could find them.

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These Hats Are Sew Strange

I ran across this girl’s site on MySpace and I’m in love with her hats. They are so cute and playful. Although they look very Japanese street chic, they’re made by hand, right here in the USA.

If you have any requests, she’ll custom make you one for the right price. Check out Sew Strange’s website for more cute peices like this.

My obsession with Invader Zim makes me really want the cute Girr hat. Anyway, go check them out!

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Animal Hats That Look Like Your Hair -Wow

Doggy Hair

These hats are so great, they are perfect for a runway show, but I’ve gotta admit, if I had one, I’d wear it everywhere. Thanks InventorSpot.