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Crochet Bane Face Mask Will Warm You Up


Ski masks tend to make you pretty hard to understand, so if you’re going to keep your face warm, you might as well do it in geek style with this crochet Bane mask.

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Crocheted TMNT Mask

crochet ninja turtles mask

Sure anyone could crochet a green beanie, but when paired with a crocheted purple mask, you two could become a ninja turtle. Or, of course, you could just buy this one on Etsy.

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Crochet Salacious Crumb

How adorable is this crochet Salacious Crumb? Someone make me one now.

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Adorable & Geeky Crochet

If you love crafts and geekery, then you’ll love these crocheted sci fi creations on Mental Floss.

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Crochet Guns and Holsters

These crochet guns and holsters by artist Inger Carina might not be functional, but they are certainly pretty.

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Cool Crochet Beach Art

NeSpoon is an artist that creates most of her work with crochet doilies. I particularly love her series at Oak Beach where she spray paints doilies on some surfaces and weaves them on to trees.

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Adorably Dark Creepy Crochet Creations

If you’ve ever wanted to see Hello Hannibal Lecter Kitty or a dead Nancy beside Sid, then this post of creepy crochet designs is sure to please.


Looking For Something Adorable?

How about a ham(ster) burger? Thanks Must Have Cute.


Easter Bunny Dissection


This holiday gift is just what your children need to send them crying into the night. I love it. From the product page:

“Apparently the Easter Bunny was killed in a tragic accident at a Peep factory and he donated his body to science. Finally, an answer to mystery of the origins of Easter eggs!”

Thanks BoingBoing


Pacenta Needlework


This placenta crochet piece by Souviner_Kattunge is adorably disgusting. Man do I love Flickr.