Short Stories

Ruby Was Angry

A guest blogger at BoingBoing posted her short story today, Ruby Was Angry, and I love it. Please drop by and read  it, here’s a little sample -the first two paragraphs:

Ruby was angry. She didn’t really understand why—but as she stared at the man sprawled out on the floor of the airport, next to the sign for Gate 82 United Flight 899 to Tokyo’s Narita Airport, she began to realize just how angry she really was.

It quickly became clear to her that this anger was not a temporary function of seeing the sleeping man, but the delayed manifestation of a much more profound and long-existing anger that she had kept buried deep in her soul for a very long time. It was hard to say how long exactly. Her eyes narrowed and she bore her teeth like a rabid pit bull about to take a plunge. The fearsome expression on her face looked oddly out of place paired with her pink braided necklace and silver heart-shaped pendant with “RUBY KEILANA” printed daintily on its curve. Her reddish-brown hair stood on its ends like a cat sprayed with water.

New Products or Services

Kind of an Ad…But Honest

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