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Kind of an Ad…But Honest

I’m not sure how many of you readers are bloggers, but this may interest those of you who are. Pepperjam is a great online affiliate program (the only one I’ve really made money with so far). Right now they’re hosting a deal where you can get a $10 bonus for signing up through the link below AND if you sign up and register for their affiliate program, then post an approved blog about them, you will get another $10. Of course, both of these deals only last through August, so you should act quickly.

EvolutionI think one think I like best about them is the fact that they actually have other affiliate networks running affiliate programs through their company. Text-Link-Ads and Review Me are both great sites and it’s a pleasure to be able to promote them through a site like Pepperjam. It’s nice knowing Pepperjam is not concerned about exclusivity like some other programs are.

They are also neat because there are tiers of performance and you have a lot more flexibility with them than with other programs. For example, some programs have banned keywords to bid on, some do not allow deep linking, etc. and the site makes it easy to see these requirements right off the bat.

You know it’s hard to make money as a blogger -even enough money to cover your hosting fees. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of this deal? Join Pepperjam Network and Receive a $10 Sign On Bonus