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The Orphan Spoiler Is Hilarious


It’s too early to say whether any supposed spoilers are actually legitamate for the movie the Orphan, but it’s apparantly:

I know what’s wrong with Esther.
She is really a 33-year-old woman who was born with proportional dwarfism which causes her to have the appearance of a child. She also happens to be a former prostitute, who had wealthy paedophiles for clients. The reason why she has her neck covered is because she was once in asylum and she struggled so much in her straitjacket that it left with her deep scars on her neck.

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s one of the stupidest/funniest plot twists ever -although it still doesn’t say why she’s so down to kill her whole adopted family.

Personally, I think this movie not only looks like a piece of crap, but it’s also offensive to adoption supporters everywhere.

By Jill

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Why are people getting so worked up over this movie. My younger sister is adopted and when I saw the trailer to this movie, I never related to her adoption. I did not even know people got upset because of this movie’s plot. Come on, its a movie. Why get so sensitive over something like that.

I can see that, I just think it’s an outdated form of thinking that was very popular in the Victorian Era. More than anything else, I think it just looks like a piece of crap movie and the spoiler is even stupider.

I hope you all know that the spoiler about her being a 33 year old woman with a disorder is a joke, right? Some random person said it as a JOKE and it has taken on a life of its own. I went to the premiere and, although there is a GIANT unsuspecting twist, it is not that one. Haha I still can’t believe you all believed that! I want to meet the kid who made that up, he deserves to have his own reality show.

Now, if you want to know what the real spoiler is I’ll tell you:

(Remember: This first part is all told in flashback at the end of the movie so we don’t actually see this happen in real time)

Esther is a little girl who was taken away by social services after she witnesses her mother murder her father in a really gruesome way. She is put in foster care for a while until she is caught trying to re-enact the murder scene with a little girl in her foster home. She is then put into an asylum (the spoiler about the ribbons around her neck and wrists covering scars from restraints is true). So, here’s the good part: One night she escapes from the asylum and knocks on a woman’s door saying her father dropped her at the edge of the nearby river and left. The woman lets her stay the night and promises to take her to the orphanage the next morning. The next day they drive to the orphanage where the woman and the orphanage director speak (We don’t hear this conversation). Then, the family comes and decides to adopt her after their first choice mysteriously is no longer up for adoption (we later find out she killed him). So, Esther basically wreaks havoc on the mother because her mother killed her father. She and her father were very close so she holds a soft spot for John and wants him all to herself.

And that’s the big secret! Still juicy, but not as ridiculous as you all thought. Hope I cleared up some stuff!

Regarding: (Why are people getting so worked up over this movie. My younger sister is adopted and when I saw the trailer to this movie, I never related to her adoption. I did not even know people got upset because of this movie’s plot. Come on, its a movie. Why get so sensitive over something like that)

I find it to be asinine when someone will generalize their situation to a very broad topic and assume that everyone should feel just like them. YOU have never adopted, and you are just one person. There are plenty of people who are upset enough about not being able to conceive and the thought of adopting older children is scary enough without a movie to exaggerate the worst fears of adopting older, “less desirable” children. If you don’t feel scared by adoption, that’s great, but don’t invalidate a perfectly reasonable emotion just because you’ve never felt it.

Stacy & Jill, I so agree with you. The 33-year old dwarf story sounded more interesting (though little stupid), but really mind-blowing and unusual. Commendable imagination Mr.Director 🙂

i’m glad you like the 33-year old dwarf story better cuz that’s the REAL one. i don’t know who this Carolina chick is but she’s on all these different spoiler sites feeding us that fake story. i saw the movie. the twist about her being 33 years old is true. Looking back, i should have seen it the whole time. She refuses to take a shower with the door unlocked, in the trailer at the 2:02 mark, she makes a sexual move on the husband. Dang. should have seen it coming. it was lame though…people laughed and one guy walked out

What Fallen Tree says makes a lot more sense, 33-year-old prostitute with a growth disorder didn’t sound even plausible, let alone a reason why she would want to kill her adoptive family or have a grudge towards her adoptive mother.

I also don’t get why people are so worked up about the fact that she’s deranged. In other scary movies, people don’t criticize the plot just because murders have happened in other houses.

The Grudge, for example, is about a woman who falls in love with a man, but is already married. Her husband finds her diary and gets extremely jealous, murdering her, and then their son and cat, and then hangs himself. As horrible as it sounds, things like this have happened before, but the media didn’t target the writers or directors for their plot just because it has happened before.

Yes, we know that orphans are not like that, or if they are, it’s only because of some traumatizing event that could’ve scarred someone in a family of eight. However, this is nothing but a horror film! A FICTION horror film.

Another review I read said that we aren’t going to stop showering because of Norman Bates from Psycho, we aren’t going to stop going to ski resorts because of Jack Torrnce from The Shining, we aren’t going to be afraid of old women because of Drag Me to Hell, and people are’t going to stop buying old houses because of all the Haunting films.

River, would you think that it’s ok to have a movie with a black guy who wants to be a slave and eats watermelon all the time? We know that’s just not true, but it’s no less offensive.
It’s about stereotypes and there are a lot of negative stereotypes about orphans that don’t need to be exploited by the movie industry.

Jill, now lookie-lookie,a movie like that would be HILARIOUS! I would pay double to watch a movie like that. When stereotypes are that ridiculous, it is totally funny, not offensive.

I just saw the movie and after reading at least comments 1-14 (I don’t see any more but maybe there are more) – It’s a movie! I don’t see where people are saying the movie made any suggestion that either orphans or adopted children(older or otherwise) were evil. That’s foolish (as is believing any stererotype) to group Esther w/ ALL orphans.

The person that said about the growth disorder not being plausible is a fool too – I have an endocrine disorder myself, I have friends of mine that appear way younger than they are. Heck, my friend I went to see the movie with, even though he’s 30, looks 18, maybe 21 at the most. To say a dwarf with an endocrine disorder that masks her to appear exactly like a child is quite plausible – not very likely to happen when combined together, but very plausible in each part.

If you imagine what might happen if a person in an underpriveleged country or section of the world is born with that illness, without the medical and psychological expertise to treat it, how might that child be traumatized through life as a result? Hence that part is conceivable as well.

I don’t remember any mention of a prostitute however I did recall mentioning of a scheme to seduce the father in each family(which by itself does not constitute prostitution). However to finish, RIver pointed out that we shouldn’t be afraid of old women because of “Drag Me To Hell” or Old Houses because of the Haunting movies…It’s a movie…To fear adopted children because of a story(in a book or on the big screen) is outright foolish and illogical. The intelligent thing, as it is intelligent whether you ever heard of or saw the movie – or not – is to use all of your intellect when doing something and if it doesn’t seem right, at the first chance, investigate and correct it – The movie would have been much shorter if the husband/father wasn’t such a naive twit and if he spent 1/2 his time paying attention to his wife and the kids, all activities included and believing his wife when she says something strange happened.

I still reccommend people watch it and consider it with a rational, logical mind, maybe researching antisocial personality disorder, endocrine disorders and dwarfism, and don’t be such fools yourself.

I saw the movie and I enjoyed it. The writers were not trying to sterotype. They weren’t trying to say Adoptive children and orphans are awful you shouldn’t want them. People now a days blow everything out of proportion. I AM adopted and I didn’t think it was offensive at all. My sister is adopted and has mental problems and enjoyed the movie too. All of my brothers and sister were adopted. My parents couldn’t have kids and they adopted all of us. None of us coming from the same family and some being foster children first. And NO ONE in MY family thinks it’s awful so really stop trying to blow things out of proportion. The media does it all the time, tries to make people believe something is worse then what it really is, like the Swine Flu for example, yes it’s killed a lot of people, but those people are mexicans whose health-care is not as advanced as Americas and the people here who have gotten Swine Flu were recently in Mexico. It’s nothing more than a form of flu that we eventually get over. The Media made people believe it was awful and everyone was going to die from it. Really stop believing everything the media has to say. Because they blow everything out of proportion like everyone on here is doing. And if you really want to know what the movie is about go see it. It’s that simple.

This movie is excellent. It doesn’t make me want to adopt children any less. It’s a really comedic horror film is all. The plot is about a 33-yr old woman with a growth disorder which is the best twist ever! She kills the family because the dad doesn’t want to have sex with her. The woman is from an insane asylum. Her actions shouldn’t make sense to any normal person. It also true that it is FICTION and should only be taken as such. It is not offensive to adopted children because she is not in fact an orphan. She is a mentally insane adult.

To Lizzy… but those people are mexicans whose health-care is not as advanced as Americas and the people here who have gotten Swine Flu were recently in Mexico.

Not only is your comment wrong but it is beyond irrational. Did you happen to see the news when it listed among the casualties of Swine Flu as AMERICANS? I suggest you do more research before you spread such malicious comments about so you look as if you have some intelligence and are not as ignorant as you sound.

Leilaya, you obviously didn’t read what you just QUOTED Lizzy as saying – Lizzy said in her statement that ‘the people here’ (that being Americans Duh!) ‘who have gotten Swine Flu were recently in Mexico’…You stated exactly what Lizzy said, but tried to make her look foolish.

It is quite rational. While I am no doctor so I don’t know the exact details, I do know in general if you treat most illnesses, flu, or otherwise, early – they are much more easily treatable – If, and given that I have only hearsay from Lizzy however if memory serves, she’s not far from the truth, if these “AMERICANS”(putting it in the case you put it in) were in Mexico just prior and if a significant portion of Mexicans around them were ill with Swine Flu without a good healthcare system to help either themselves or the American tourists, then it stands well to reason that the Americans will also have no immediate access to local healthcare providers as well. Most people are aware that travelling while ill makes any illnesses more grave, so to travel back to the USA for healthcare – well that makes sense that it travelled so rapidly among the U.S….especially given the growing number of Americans without healthcare.

Obviously I can’t state to you to get your facts straight since you stated nothing new, but I will say read and re-read statements before responding accusing someone of being ignorant, malicious, and whatever other choice adjectives you used.

I just watched the movie and enjoyed it very much thank you! By the way I am adopted and in no way am I offended! Please for those who are not adopted stop speaking for us who are. It is a movie!! Relax!!

i’m so confused. how did this topic go from Orphan to swine flu?

I think that this movie looks interesting.
and that people are really dumb.

I just watched the movie, and the ending Is that she is 33, or 36, i cant remember, and she does have a disorter, and the only reason, she pretends to be an Oprphan is so that she can slowly seduce the husband of the family

I saw this movie last night and thought it wasnt to bad for a new horror film. the plot about a 33 y.o. woman pretending to be a little girl i thought was unique…

but to be completely honest i was a bit disappointed with the last few lines of the movie.. the part where the mom is climbing out of the water onto the ice and esther grabs her and says “dont let me die mommy!” to which the womans reply is “IM NOT YOUR FUCKING MOMMY!” and kicks esther into the water…

havent we seen this somewhere before…. the grudge 2 maybe…

Haha, that 33 years old dwarf plot was already used in one of the recent Chinese movies called “Murderer”.

So it is not that creative anymore. LOL

The story about Esther being a proportional dwarf is the one that is described in the movie. In real life this disease is called hypopituitarism which is basically when some hormones are turned off.
However, the extent to which they portrayed this disease is unreal. There are still deformities that happen because of this disease, and the person will not look like a perfect child.
The movie portrays a girl who travels from house to house, trying to seduce the male figure and when that doesn’t work, resorts to killing the family and then setting the house on fire. Esther’s past is only described to the extent that she was in a mental hospital and after breaking out, moved from one foster home to another.
One can assume that she was looking for a male figure to love her, judging by the sexual drawings that were portrayed on her bedroom walls.
All the “background info” which is given by Carolina was never presented in the movie and must have been drawn by Carolina’s own presumptions on the matter.

This is ridiculous! How is this “offensive to adoption supporters everywhere”?? I AM adopted, and I don’t find this offensive at ALL! If there was a horror movie where the psychopath was black would that be offensive to black people?? No, of course not! Look: I’m adopted and I, personally, am telling everyone to suck it up! You are all way to sensitive about things that you don’t even relate to!

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