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Literally Unbelievable

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone has heard of The Onion. It’s even easier to take for granted the fact that most people have strong enough sarcasm detectors to realize the stories are satire. Fortunately, through the miracle of social networking, we can now find and laugh at those who don’t get the joke thanks to the new Tumblr blog Literally Unbelievable.

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Tara McPherson Takes On Sarah Silverman

I adore both Tara McPherson and Sarah Silverman, which is why I was so excited when I saw this wonderful piece. It’s part of the “Is This Thing On?” Art Show.


Crazy Mental Discovery

The Mind is A Crazy ThingBoing Boing has a link to a NYT article that has discovered the piece of the brain that recognizes sarcasm are not the same that generally deal with language and human interaction.