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Eat Your Way Into Restaurant Ownership


Are you a big eater? Well here’s you chance to put your money where your mouth is and eat your way into posession of a new business. All you have to do is eat a 30 pound burrito and then drink a ghost pepper margarita and you’ll take on a 10% ownership from New York restaurant Don Chingon.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy and you have to make an investment to participate. Entry is $150 and you have 1 hour to eat a three and a half foot tortilla filled with  chicken, steak, carnitas, chorizo, cheese, rice, beans and salsa. I can’t wait until John gets to New York because he’s ate at least twice that much during every Neatorama Christmas party.

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10 Awesome Alice In Wonderland Items

I don’t know about you, but I would love to eat at this Alice In Wonderland restaurant. Then again, I would enjoy most of the stuff on this Oddee list.


The Strangest Restuarants Ever

In honor of your day of feasting, enjoy this great Mental Floss article showing some of the most bizarre restaurants in the world, including a hospital-themed restaurant and one restaurant that operates out of a prison.

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Ever Go #2 and Think “I’m Hungry?”

Then perhaps you’re a person that should be eating at one of the fine dining establishments listed in WebUrbanist’s World’s Strangest Theme Restaurants. Also listed are death eateries and cannibalistic sushi.

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