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So A Baby Dolphin and A Penguin Meet At The Pool…

No, it’s not a joke, just an adorable, adorable picture of two incredibly cute animals.

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The Penguin Whores

The adelie penguin just might be the only animal to actually partake in prostitution. You live in the Arctic long enough and some freak shit is bound to go down. Read more on The Ever So Strange.

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Someone Loves Auld Lang Syne

I hope your New Year celebration was as good as his.

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How Land Mines Saved Penguins

While the Falklands War turned out to be a fairly pointless battle between two countries who had no actual need for the island, there was one clear winner in the conflict: the island’s penguin population that was in serious decline. Fortunately, because the island is now filled with areas that are covered in landmines that penguins are too light to set off, the island has become an unintentional penguin sanctuary.

Image via Graham Canny [Flickr]


Stuffed Friends Are Still Friends

This precious little guy’s big brother was stealing all of his food, so to save him the zoo keepers had to keep him away from the other penguins. To give him some company, they gave him these two cute cuddly guys to snuggle with. Apparently his favorite is the super cartoony one on the left. It’s so adorable.