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The “Magic” of Magic Mushrooms

As marijuana legalization seems to be very likely in the near future, it’s time to consider the relative merits of another naturally growing drug that may have been prematurely illegalized. In this case, I’m talking about magic mushrooms. Recent studies have shown they may be able to help treat depression, cluster headaches and reduce obsessive fear of death.

While friends and family can do an intervention, the decision to seek drug abuse treatment remains the sole decision of the drug user himself.

As someone who has depression and migraines, I can tell you first hand that the drug does treat both symptoms for months at a time.


Terrifying Surgical Instruments


If you’re looking for something that will make you wet your pants in pure terror, here are 20 surgical instruments that are totally scary. The one above is used to cut open the brain.


Pacenta Needlework


This placenta crochet piece by Souviner_Kattunge is adorably disgusting. Man do I love Flickr.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“All fighters are prostitutes and all promoters are pimps.” -Larry Holmes

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Ancient mummies were used as medicine in the mid-ages and were even sorted into four categories to determine how useful they would be to the patient. –Source

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National Punctuation Day… my favorite is an ellipses.

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10 Things you can do with your body after you die.