Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

New Stupidest Invention Ever, The Bierstick

beer doucheMental Floss has discovered the stupidest invention ever…or at least the stupidest invention ever, for today.

How could anything top the stupidity of the previous marvel, the Hula Chair, you ask? With this modern feat of science, you are able to slam 24 ounces of beer down your throat at an all-time high speed. The website’s page is loaded with pleasant disclaimers they do not want to be responsible for, although it seems they forgot, “Bierstick is not responsible for stupid frat boys who own one of our products and rape women while under the influence of our product.”

Seriously, if you want one of these, why not just start shooting up heroin and stop wasting the time and money on killing your body and mind with something like beer?

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