Beer Popicles: A Great Summer Treat

If you want a beer, but are looking something even cooler for this killer August heat, try a beer popsicle. Simply crack open the tab, add some simple syrup and lime juice, then insert a stick and when it’s frozen, cut open the other end. Sounds like a good experiment for my other blog, the Cheapskate’s Handbook.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

“It’s a control freak thing. I wouldn’t let you understand.” -S.H. Underwood

Subway and streetcar operators earn more than twice the salary of ambulance drivers: $47,740 versus $22,310. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
Today is the start of the “Dog Days” of summer.

Link of the day:
To celebrate the Dog Days of Summer, why not show something that’s really hot? Like the Door To Hell, pictured at right.

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