Fried Beer: Delicious Drunken Ravioli Filling

If you liked the idea of beer popsicles, then fried beer might also be something you’d like. Bring them both to the county fair next year and you’re sure to be one of the richest concession stands around.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“Anytime you do something from the heart, people just know it.” -Brad Paisley

Fact of the Day:
The letter J does not appear anywhere in the periodic table of elements. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
Bad Poetry Day -celebrate today with one of the bad poems I wrote in high school.

Link of the Day:
For the fatty in all of us, here’s 25 great foods you never knew could be deep fried. I had the Oreos, they’re quite nice, but pizza sounds heavenly.