Dogville Shorts

At Comic Con, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the brilliance that is the Dogville shorts. These “Barkies” are hilarious, perhaps animal abuse, but hey…it was the 20’s.  You won’t believe how cute the costumes are, particularly on some of the girl dogs. They actually have plots. Bad plots for the most part, but the adorable dogs with decent enough plots actually make them worth watching. Plus, I’ve decided they are the ultimate party/bar films for something that people will look up at and say “WTF,” without actually stopping to watch the screen for too long.

These short films using dogs as actors were collected and compilled into one bootleg DVD that you can buy from this site. I’m not trying to sell these to you, but I will say this DVD was the best thing I bought at the comic con and that’s the only place I can seem to find them for sale.