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A Urine-Free Wetsuit For $14,000

How do you turn a used wetsuit auction into a viral trend that leads to bidding frenzy? By including a picture of a urinating bear apparently. A British diver named D.H. Morgan wanted to sell his used wetsuit on eBay and to emphasize the fact that the suit was never peed in, he included the above image.

The image went viral and traffic (and bids) to the auction soared, so Morgan changed the listing into a charity auction. Eventually, the suit got so much attention that a few companies started throwing in donations to the charity, including a brand new wetsuit in any size.

At the end of the auction, the suit went for 8,999 pounds, approximately $14.4 thousand.


Win A Dinner With Dennis Miller

Win dinner with Dennis Miller in this charity auction for the Stephen Siller Children’s Foundation. I always wondered what would happen if you do this sort of thing and then act really creepy or tell them how much you hate them. If any readers have a few thousand dollars for dinner, go ahead and bid and let me know…or you could just give me some money instead.


Disturbing Obama Fan Art

3248094459_a6603bcba2I am so majorly disturbed by this Obama art on sale through eBay. What on earth is that unicorn planning on doing after he rubs the lotion on the skin? Thank you BoingBoing for providing so much entertainment to my life.