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12 Hilarious George Carlin Quotes

So true and so sad. Check out more of the master’s brilliant quotes here.

Interesting Politics

Lisa Lampanelli Fights Homophobia

I’ve always thought the best way to deal with the Westboro Baptist Church was to ignore them like the trolls they are, knowing they will go away if people stop paying attention to them. But Lisa Lampanelli has managed to find an even better solution -offering $1000 to an anti-homophobia charity for every antisemitic, gay-bashing moron the church sent to protest her show. In the end, she donated $44,000 in the group’s name to the GMHC.

Image via harbor88 [Flickr]


Win A Dinner With Dennis Miller

Win dinner with Dennis Miller in this charity auction for the Stephen Siller Children’s Foundation. I always wondered what would happen if you do this sort of thing and then act really creepy or tell them how much you hate them. If any readers have a few thousand dollars for dinner, go ahead and bid and let me know…or you could just give me some money instead.


Great Comedian On YouTube

Jon Lajoie is hillarious. I came across his videos the other day and I really hope he becomes the next Demetri Martin. Don’t limit yourself to this video, if you like it, visit his YouTube site and show him some love.