Winner of the Weird Links Contest

Announcing the winners of the Weird Links Contest. Between Ahnold, whores and just plain confusion, a lot of fun was to be had by all.

We’ve come to an end of our lovely weird links contest and it’s now my responsibility to share the links, the winners and all that good stuff.

There were 5 total links submitted, ranging from seriously just bizzare to exceptionally disturbing. Personally, I liked them all. Since there can be only winner though, I have chosen the one that not only has some of the most pointless and strange, yet wannabe political, content I have ever seen, it also has the distinction of having one of the most stupid and just bizzare URLs ever. Honestly, it was a close call and having that domain address helped it pull into the lead. So without further ado, I give you the winner, “Arnold Sailormoongger” submitted by Naskar. You now are the proud owner of a copy of Choke.

The random winner who signed up to the feed and gets a random cd of my choosing is PhineusQButterfat. His wonderful link involves a naked dancing llama. The three other links that were suggested are the time cube -utterly confusing, MyBlackBook -a website for total whores to keep track of their orgies and who to contact when they contract an STD, and the douchiest phone message ever -which is pretty self-explanatory.

Thanks for everyone who played, and remember to keep sending in your weird links even after the contest to enhance the website’s habit of wonderful, weird goodness.

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