Go Out In Style and Stay In Their Memory

Everyone dies, but not everyone does it in style. How are you planning to customize your funeral.

Burried in one of these?The inventor of the Pringles can died the other day and was buried, as he requested, in the can he created. More on that here.

Personally, I love this. It associates his death with his life and leaves yet another thing for people to remember him by. My boyfriend’s father passed away a week ago and we are holding a burial in TJ next weekend. As he requested, we are holding a party complete with a band after the funeral.

After all this, it makes me realize the importance of planning how you want to go out, and to be sure to make that known to those closest to you. Personally, I always wanted to be a jerk and have a long funeral procession down the 5 freeway in the Central Valley. The two lane road would be blocked for hours thanks to my mourners. I also think I’d like to get cremated with my stuffed animals so maybe I’ll have comfy ashes cuddling with me throughout eternity.

I’m tempted to buy this book now, to see what kind of other great ideas I could come up with for a funeral worth remembering.

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