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Coupon Sherpa has a list of 83 food challenges from around the world. While I think I would be most inclined to take my chances on the 4 pound sushi roll, my favorite on the list is the big, fat and ugly, seen above:

This includes two rolls, four cheeseburgers, double cheese steak, chicken cheese steak, gyro meat, grilled chicken, bacon sausage, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, mac ‘n cheese bites, fried mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, pizza bites, onion rings, hash browns, mini corn dogs, American cheese, mayonnaise ketchup poppers and pizza bites.

Did I mention you have to down the whole thing in 15 minutes? ::puke::

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“Childhood is frequently a solemn business for those inside it.” -George Will

Fact of the Day:
Since weightlessness causes the spine to expand and straighten, astronauts may measure up to two inches taller in space than they do on Earth. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
Get to Know Your Customer’s Day -so if you don’t have customers, stay home today to avoid getting “known.”

Link of the Day:
Ham, cheese and veggies make sandwich art.