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R2Bunn2 Says Beep Beep Boo Cute


This is the bun you should be looking for.


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20 Weird, Crappy, Funny & Half Assed Comic Con Costumes

Worst. R2D2. Ever. For more odd costumes from Comic Con, don’t miss this great Oddee article.


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The Sexiest R2-D2 Ever

She’s so cute and graceful too.

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Awesome R2D2 Helmet

With a little masking tape, spray paint and a bit of PVC pipe, you too can take any boring helmet and make it an awesome R2D2 helmet. If I still played roller derby, I’d be on top of this right now.


Best Entertainment Center Ever

This awesome R2D2 replica not only looks great, but it’s also functional. It has eleven integrated game consoles, a projector and an eight-way speaker system.