Childhood Nightmares

I saw Indiana Jones last week. If you haven’t seen it already, without giving too much away, I can tell you there’s a scene with creepy, flesh-eating red ants. I hated the scene though I loved the movie. Why? Because I hate ants.

As a child, one of my worst nightmares involved hiding in a linen cupboard as a line of two-foot-tall red ants walked through my hallway with my parents and my sister on their backs. Just when I thought I was safe, the cupboard popped open and one of the ants started carrying me towards their nest.

It may sound silly now, but it was terrifying to a three year old. To this day, ants in large quantities still creep me out. I know other people have similar strange nightmares when they were children. I was wondering what kind of weird dreams you guys have had. Let me know in the comments.

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