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LOL Cat Taxonomy is yet another one of those frustrating sites where they only sell tee shirts for a single day so if you don’t see the design in time, you can’t buy it. Imagine my disappointment then when I saw this brilliant lol cat shirt a few days after it was released.


Fun With FedEx


I don’t ordinarily post personal happenings on the site, but I couldn’t help but laugh (read:scream loudly) when I saw what FedEx had done to this package. They dropped it over the fence at my neighbor’s house rather than my own, ignoring the “Beware of dogs” warning. Surprise surprise, the puppies thought this made a good toy. I contacted FedEx with a big fat “WTF” letter, but so far, no response.

Update: I got mentioned on Consumerist. Woot!

Update #2: Thanks to the publicity on Consumerist, I was contacted from someone from FedEx who said they may actually do something about this. Shortly before that, I got a response to my original complaint to them where they basically said, “sorry, but since you didn’t actually ship the item, go f- yourself.” Thank go for the attention this one got.