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Knitted Dalek Baby Toy

Best baby gift ever? I think so!

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Daleks Interogation Training

Before Daleks learn to exterminate, they actually think for themselves.

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Doctor Who Infographic

A great key for any questions you might have about Doctor Who, including why the latest season is so stupid. Matt Smith and Steven Moffat need to go away.

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The Best Kid’s Toy Ever

An inflatable Dalek go kart? Mom, I want one!

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Snow Dalek Exterminates The Heat

In order to protect its species, the snow Dalek is focused on destroying the sun before it destroys him. Exterminate!

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Sailor Daleks Say “Exterminate!”

Thanks DeviantArt user Dezychan.

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Doctor Who Gingerbread Men

I’m in love with David Tennant, Daleks and K-9, so these gingerbread cookies by Deviant Art user Metallicar-67 just might be my favorite gingerbread treats ever concocted.