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Other Great Sights At Comic Con 2012

I know I focus a lot on the cosplay and hot girls and guys, but there’s plenty more to see at Comic Con besides people in costumes. Here are some of the coolest things I spotted at the San Diego Comic Con this year.

Weta always has some cool sculptures at their booth, but these massive troll ones were some of the best I’ve seen yet.

Of course, even if he wasn’t as big or impressive, it’s still hard not to love Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings.

If we were in the eighties, this Gremlins sculpture would probably scare the pants off many children. These days though, those who recognized the character were excited to see one of their childhood nightmares come to life.

On the other hand, youngsters did recognize this Regular Show sculpture.

And they couldn’t be happier to get their picture taken with Mordecai and Rigby. For that matter though, I was pretty darn excited too.

Kids were also pretty excited to get to pose with the Ninja Turtles.

Of course, adults were way more excited to take a picture with Michonne from The Walking Dead.

Everyone of all ages was thrilled to get a picture with the bad boys of Star Wars though.

While you couldn’t pose with them, one of the coolest artworks inside the convention were the life-size displays featuring the puppets used in Frankenweenie.

One thing a lot of fans were excited about was the Batmobile exhibit just outside the convention. It was the first time all five generations of Batmobile were put together on public display. My personal favorite is still the one from the original series.

Tim Burton’s Batmobile from Batman and Batman returns was pretty cool too.

By Batman Forever, things started to get a little ridiculous.

But nothing compared to the insanely stretched out Batmobile from Batman and Robin. I can’t even imagine driving this thing -let alone in a high speed chase with bad guys.

The Batmobile from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is certainly a lot more functional than the others.

Here’s the same version but with a camo paint job, as you’ll be seeing in The Dark Knight Rises.

Of course, the Batmobiles weren’t the only cars on display, you could also see KITT from Knight Rider.

And the car from the new Total Recall.

For those that prefer art over vehicles, there were a few artists creating a giant painting of The Hobbit in LEGO right beside the Batmobile exhibit.

The picture was designed with a stretch so you could only see it properly from one angle.

Cartoon Network also had an amazing piece of artwork out on display near the children’s museum.

This Power Rangers mural was also pretty impressive.

Outside the convention this year, there were more Jesus protestors, which, in turn brought ample counter-protestors.

Of course, for those truly seeking salvation, there was only one road to redemption: Luna the Praying Pitbull.

For those who sought to do good deeds after receiving salvation from Luna, the Course of the Force run was a fun way to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Something tells me R2D2 refused to run the race though.

For those who prefer vintage robots though, Robbie was a much bigger attraction.

Of course, the giant Optimus Prime also attracted plenty of attention from Transformers fans.

For those that prefer their robots functional, the MakerBot was a huge attraction.

Just look at all the awesome things the MakerBot could make.

If you wanted to make your own creations at the convention though, the Lego booth was the place to go.

Perhaps the goofiest booth at the convention was (no surprise here) the Adult Swim booth.

They put people in a bizarre catsuit with cone of shame and then put them in the box were they had to catch as many small dinosaurs as possible. I have no idea what you actually got after embarrassing yourself like this.

A popular giveaway at many booths this year were papercraft models. I think these were my favorites though.

They came from a company that is hoping to make math fun through the use of cool learning tools called Math Blasters.

This booth tried to lure in people by playing on memes.

Of course nothing pulls people in better than great (or in this case adorable) merchandise, like plush ewoks, Yodas and Darth Vaders.

There was plenty going on in the evenings as well. Here was a band playing at the YouTube party.

And here were some cupcakes at the Necomimi party, although I have to say, the highlight of that party was actually getting a pair of these adorable and awesome ears myself.

Seriously, these ears move according to your brainwaves, how could you not love them? You wouldn’t believe how many they sold at the convention either. Unfortunately, I lost one of my ears, which made me super sad.

Well, that’s it for Comic Con this year, hopefully you’ve all had a great time experiencing the convention through my pictures. Of course, if you haven’t already don’t miss the rest of the Comic Con coverage here.

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Cool Comic Con Exclusives For 2011

Comic Con starts on Wednesday night and while I’ll have plenty of great pictures after the fact, here are some of the cool exclusives that will be on sale at the event. If you’re going to be there, you can go ahead and buy any of this awesome stuff and if you see me with my Neatorama Press Badge on, feel free to say hi.

This cool limited edition poster by Dave Perillo is available from Acme Archieves Ltd. at booth #5629. The run was limited to 100 prints and each one will cost $50.

These Thor Marvel Minimates are limited to a run of 3,000 and the 4 pack is only $20 from the Action Figure Xpress booth #3345.

If you’re a fan of Bill Plympton, be sure to stop by his booth #1537 and consider grabbing one of his autographed “mallow” figurines for $25.

This Friends With You Stinky Poo & T.P. Plush Set is one of the exclusives that I’m most excited about. If you want to grab your own, stop by the Bored Inc. booth #609.


The crayon tee is by Greg “Crayola” Simkins and the plush was designed by Travis Lampe. Both are available over at the Color Ink Book booth #5569.

This cute nerd Domo statue is another purchase I might be making at the upcoming convention. He’s only $9 and there are only 1200 being released. You can find him at the Dark Horse Comics booth #2615.

If you ever wanted your own Rusty & Jonas or Dexter action figure, then be sure to head by the Entertainment Earth booth #2343.

This adorable vinyl figure is one of only 50 in existence. Made by Gary Ham, Hermees will be going for $55 at booth #4836.

Gentle Giant Studios booth #3513 will be selling this hilarious Squirrelpool bust for $30. If you aren’t familiar with Squirrelpool, here’s his back story from the page:

Originally created an April Fool’s Joke from the Marvel Comics website, Gentle Giant is proud to bring you an original character – Squirrelpool! Based on everyone’s favorite Merc With a Mouth, Squirrelpool is undoubtedly just as skilled a fighter and vicious a killer as his human counterpart. If he could speak English, this ravaging rodent would undoubtedly be just as foul as well.

How could you not want one now? The booth will also be selling 900 $45 special edition Sucker Punch blue rays that come with 4 discs and the soundtrack.

Fans of Battlestar Galactica remember that the colonials call the Cylons “Toasters.” Now you can get your own Cylon toaster necklace from the Her Universe booth #2913-F.

The Comic Con exclusive Sackboy is absolutely adorable, as is the cute Scott Pilgrim action figures. You can find them both at the Mezco Toyz booth #3445.

For $50 you can take home a set of Nightmare Before Christmas paperweights at the Monogram International, Inc. booth #3744.

I’m a big fan of Mr. Toast, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be walking home with one of the 100 $10 Frankentoast plushies available at booth #4831.

The production run of these awesome Tick action figures is limited to only 250 and each one is only $20. Now that’s an affordable collectable. Get your own at Shocker Toys booth #3351.

If you like the Ugly Dolls, be sure to stop by their booth #3245 and check out the limited edition Cookie Dream Babo.

I’ve been a big fan of Alex Pardee’s artwork for a long time, which is why I am so excited to check out his limited edition SDCC exclusive prints and shirts. If you’re interested, be sure to stop by the Zero Friends booth #5502.

Of course, if you aren’t going to make it, just enjoying these pics of cool merch available is a fun way to immerse yourself in the experience without heading out to San Diego. If you really want to get some geek purchases going on and can’t make it though, remember, there are always tons of fun products over at the Neatoshop.