Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

New Stupidest Inventions: Butts and Weinners

Today, GiggleSugar had two inventions worthy of the stupidest inventions ever title. So here goes, first I present to you the Whizzinator.

Now this invention is not actually new, but it is new news that the inventors have just been arrested. You see, the Whizzinator isn’t just a flashy looking fake weinner, it’s actually a snazzy way to cheat on a drug test. The fake penis can help you squeeze out someone else’s warm pee from a realistic looking wang. The Inventors have plead guilty to a conspiracy.

The next invention isn’t illegal, it’s just moronic. If mooning people is getting you chilly and you don’t want to feel the breeze blowing against your naked cheeks, but still want to give them the full view of your back side, this little beaut is for you. You can now moon people without ever showing your real butt. Genius? Only if you’re 10 years old.