PETA & Octomom Define Irony

Ever since Alanis Morrisette came out with her breakthrough hit “Ironic,” people throughout the world have had a hard time understanding what the word actually means.  If you’ve had a little bit of trouble getting your head around the definition, then here’s an easy way to tell.

If something happens that you really don’t want to happen, like “rain on your wedding day,” it’s not necessarily ironic. If something happens that tests the limits of absurdity because it is the exact opposite of what you would expect to see happen, then it is ironic.

Perhaps the ultimate example of irony in this decade is the news that Octomom, the woman who is known solely for filling her uterus to capacity, has paired with PETA to work on a spay and neuter campaign. While this works for PETA, who has a knack for being absurd, it’s the ultimate in hypocrisy for Miss Baby Mama 2009 to try to tell animal owners to do the exact opposite of what she has become famous for. I mean, the woman admitted to having an “addiction” to being pregnant.

What’s next, Snoop Dogg telling kids not to smoke marijuana? Janis Dickinson speaking out on botox?

I say she get her tubes tied and then we can talk about her pushing for spay and neuter programs.

By Jill

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