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Rescue Shelter Boys?


PETA just asked the Pet Shop Boys if they wouldn’t mind changing their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys. Retarded much? Me thinks so. But hey, what more can you expect from an organization that wanted to change “fish” to “sea kitties?”

“by changing its name, the band could raise awareness at every tour stop of the “cramped, filthy conditions” that breeders keep animals in before selling them to pet stores, PETA said in its letter.”

Yes, but maybe by having a cramped crowded concert under the name “Pet Shop Boys” will actually make concert goers feel like the puppies at the puppy mills. Ever think about that PETA? I didn’t think so -being as how you refuse to think about anything.

By Jill

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One reply on “Rescue Shelter Boys?”

Just as rediclous as these PETA stupidheads were wanting two towns in NEW YORK state to change their names they wanted HAMBURG to change its name to VEGGIEBURG(STUPID NAME)and they wanted FISHKILL to change its name to FISHSAVE(EVEN MORE STUPID) and they were even after the GREEN BAY PACKERS to change their name to PICKERS and then back some years ago some jerk MICHEAL W. FOX wanted PET SHOPS to be called COMPANION ANIMAL SHOPS Franklt the PC bunk is rediculous and PETA is rediculous

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