“Know Jesus Know Heaven” People Are Dangerous

Bumper stickers are officially linked with road rage. Scary!

Be afraidNeatorama recently wrote a post about the likelihood of a driver having road rage being directly related to the number of bumper stickers on their car. The study performed by the Colorado State University at Fort Collins showed that drivers with bumper stickers were 16% more likely to have road rage than those that didn’t. Things such as car model and condition were shown to have no impact on the likelihood a driver has road rage.

A bumper sticker on the painted trunk of a vehicle may help the paint to look like new and it will be less faded. Unless the paint quality on your vehicle is incredibly low, the decals are highly unlikely to remove or affect the pain on the car anyway, to make your own and give them a personal touch, try this printer for stickers.

Just as interesting, the content of the bumper sticker did not affect the study as much as the number of stickers. So the “My Child Was Student Of the Month” people are equally scary as the “If You Can Read This Get Off My Ass” people. I always was afraid of soccer moms at least now I have science to back me up.

Of course, I live in a super-hippy infested area, where everyone has bumper stickers, so I guess I should watch my back.

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