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F- Me Ray Bradbury

Speaking of great authors, while I do have a definitive lust for the written word, I have to say that I would never actually want to make love to Ray Bradbury or Kurt Vonnegut, no matter how much I adore their works.

Funny enough, there is an image of Ray Bradbury watching this steamy video tribute to his greatness. Something tells me he wouldn’t turn her down.

Comic-Con Hotties RTD Original

25 Hot Comic Con Girls

PhotobucketThere’s this silly stereotype that girls at Comic Con are fat, pimply, wear glasses and are otherwise just icky. That image is not only sexist and stupid, but grossly inaccurate. In fact, there are some amazingly HOT girls there. I didn’t even picture a third of the good looking girls I saw there and I still got some pictures of great looking girls that definitely defy the stupid preconceived notion of the ugly geek girl being the only female at Comic Con.

Of course, that’s not to say there weren’t total l00zers at the Con, don’t you worry, those pics are coming soon, as are some great interviews and some pics of the merch, etc. But for now, satisfy your sweet tooth with these little bits of sugar. (Again, click for larger images.)