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Over 200 Great Comic Con Costumes From 2012

Comic Con has finally came and went, which means it’s time for my favorite annual post, a round up of the many, many great costumes from the convention. As if getting to geek out on over 200 great cosplayer’s outfits wasn’t enough for you, I’m also hosting a contest for those who can help me name all the characters I couldn’t label myself. For more details on that, head to the bottom of the post, because first, here are the costumes!


Have you ever wondered what would happen to Gotham when Batman just gives up? Well, thanks to, now you know. You also can know that this was one of the most fun costumes I saw at the convention.

Obviously, this is what happens when a Ren faire collides with the DC Universe, but do any of you know for sure who the gal in the middle is? I think she’s Harley, but I could be wrong.

Here’s Nightwing squaring off against Harley Quinn and Catwoman. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to get hit by that comically large mallet.

And here’s a whole array of Batman villains (with poor Harley trailing behind because her heels were just too high). But why is Robin posing so proudly with the bad guys?

Here’s little Harley Quinn and Joker when they’re on good terms.

And here’s what happens when Harley screws up and fails to kill Batman.

Here’s what happens when Scarecrow’s gas somehow turns Harley into a man but it has no affect on Duela Dent.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t the only Duela around.

If you prefer more modern female Jokers, how does this nurse suit your taste?

Here’s the male version of Heath’s interpretation.

And here’s what happens when Joker and Scarecrow get dressed up for a night on the town.

One of the most popular girl costumes this year was Harley Quinn, and it makes sense, she’s adorable, sexy and batshit crazy, a few things every gal can relate with.

Of course, the girls that emphasized adorable over sexy tended to stick with the more classic version of her costume.

There were also plenty of Poison Ivys looking dreadfully sexy.

This Riddler made a great case for Mr. Nigma to be recast as a black man in the character’s next incarnation, just like Spider-Man and Nick Fury.

Of course, not every Batman fan went as a villain or a retiree. There were plenty of heroes in the house.

And don’t worry sexy ladies who want to play in Gotham, you also can choose to play as heroes, like this lovely Batwoman.

Black Widow, Nick Fury and Spider-Man might not ordinarily work on the same team, but they certainly look good together.

While there were tons of girls crossplaying as their favorite Avengers characters, this was the only male Black Widow I came across.

Most gender-swaped Avengers characters just feminized the costume a little bit, but I was particularly fond of this girl’s interpretation of Captain America, complete with an umbrella in place of a shield.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the more common types of Captain America crossplay. In fact, I’d say she looked pretty good.

This crossplayed Thor could stop a man with her cleavage just as fast as she could with her hammer. Dizzam!

On the more adorable side of gender-swapping, this poor thing was so tiny that she looked wobbly trying to walk around with that giant helmet on.

If you prefer your characters to bear their traditional gender identities and looks though, then you’d certainly appreciate this Hemidall, the Guardian of Asgard.

While there are always plenty of X-Men, this year the number was down a bit because so many more people went as Avengers or Dark Knight characters. This Magneto, Storm and Emma Frost all looked great though.

Also, it was a treat to see someone actually dress up as Wolverine in his costume (even if it was a goofy cross over costume mixed with a bit of Star Wars -thanks Sasha) since most cosplayers prefer just going as Logan with his claws out.

This Punisher costume looked pretty good, but it would have been a bit more convincing if he shaved.

While there weren’t too many other Watchmen costumes, the gals just seem to love this classic Silk Spectre look. And who can blame them? It’s both incredibly sexy and classy.

This was one of my favorite comic book couple’s costume: Louis and Clark!

Of course, Supergirl is also a popular costume choice with girls.

So is Wonder Woman, for that matter, although not that many guys want to be Robin, unless Batman is already taken.

This was the first black Wonder Woman I’ve seen, but I sincerely hope she’s not the last because she looked awesome.

While Hawkman’s costume is notably more awesome than Aquaman’s, it is worth noting that at least Aquaman was able to use his conch as a horn, something not many people have mastered.

Personally, I loved seeing this great Red Mist costume, even if the cosplayer was a little older than the character in Kickass.

Surprisingly, while the Ninja Turtles are pretty big news right now what with Michael Bay destroying them, there was only one Shredder costume. That being said, at least it was seriously awesome.

It might not be immediately obvious, but these two were both dressed as The Rocketeer.


For all I know, this could be a fake superhero.Thanks Arjay for letting me know this is Dr. Mid-Nite,

The skelanimals are adorable, but who is this lady? It looks like Black Canary and thanks Arjay for confirming that.


Thanks Doctor Wholittle for explaining that this is actually The Vigilante, not the Lone Ranger!


Thanks Jackie for explaining that these two are Mindfang and Redglare from Homestuck.

Sci Fi:

While there were tons of Doctor Who costumes this year, this pair was by far my favorite. How can you possibly beat a tiny weeping angel and a tiny Doctor?

This was definitely my second favorite Who costume as it involved K9 and I’m a sucker for that robotic dog.

As far as couple costumes from Doctor Who, this one was my favorite, because I particularly love this episode and I think David Tennant is still the best Doctor ever.

This Tom Baker Doctor with River Song was also pretty good.

Of course, if you want to go as Amy, it’s always best to wear her Kiss-o-gram costume.

If you’re looking to make your Doctor costume stand out, turning Matt Smith into a zombie is always a good option.

Another good tool to make yourself stand out is to have some nice props. That being said, carrying a TARDIS around all day does not sound fun to me.

On the other hand, a duo dressed as the TARDIS and a dalek is always memorable.

While the TARDIS dress is pretty over done these days, I was still a big fan of this gal’s.

While this was a somewhat odd pairing, it also somehow makes sense for Jayne to steal his own TARDIS.

Speaking of Firefly, here’s the whole ship’s crew. See the female Mal there on the left? Yeah, that’s me.

I wasn’t the only female Mal at the con though (although I did seem to be the only one to make the look really feminine).

Of course, you can’t have a Comic Con without Star Wars cosplayers and these three made a particularly cute trio.

Here’s the world’s most ghetto R2D2 and C3Po.

Pimp Vader is always at Comic Con, but his costume never gets less amusing.

I was a big fan of this vacationing storm trooper though.

Of course, there were some more traditional Star Wars costumes as well. Impressively, this gentleman just ran a race in this outfit as part of the Course of the Force.

This Obi-Wan and Han made a good duo.

There were plenty of non-specific Jedis though.

Somehow, the Jedi look just works for ladies.

Here’s one I’m pretty sure is from Star Wars, but I don’t know the character name. Do you?

There were Trekkies too, of course.

And a good band of Klingons.

While there are always plenty of Leeloos from The Fifth Element, seeing a Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg is much more exciting. Great job Chris Vick!

Is it just me or is Leeloo way too hot for Shaun (of the Dead)? Thank you Emily for pointing out that this is actually Korben Dallas, also from Fifth Element. I didn’t remember his button up shirt look.

There were tons of Martys this year as well, but I only saw one Doc Brown. I’ve never actually seen one of the ladies from Back to the Future.

Funny enough, I did not ask Doc or Marty to do this pose.

Movies/TV Shows:

There are always plenty of Ghostbusters at the convention, but seeing one with Dana was pretty darn awesome -especially since her shoes make her look like she’s levitating.

Even without Dana though, it is still a pretty cool costume.

I was a little surprised and saddened not to see any hobbit costumes this year, but this girl did have a lovely Arwen dress.

This Katniss costume was a great interpretation of the Hunger Games character.

Although when it comes to fighting, I’d rather have Blade on my side any day.

Seeing Alice and a Hatter is nothing special, but with this many Hatters in tow, one woman actually remarked “I feel like I’m actually in Wonderland.”

Despite the fact that no one was really big on the Sucker Punch, Babydoll costumes are still really popular because they’re just so sexy.

This would be a great Edward Scissorhands costume -if he actually had the hands. As he is now, he’s just Edward Hands, which doesn’t have the same ring to it.

This Mad Max-esque guy was actually promoting the Mad Max weekend they have out in the desert every year. It sounds really fun, except for the whole desert part.

I had to take this photo fast as Mr. Funke from Arrested Development was eagerly awaiting a call from the Blue Men.

No, these guys weren’t actually offering water to thirsty attendees, they were actually paying homage to the short-lived but wonderful Party Down.

If you were wondering if these were, in fact, the Martians from The Muppets, the answer is “yup yup yup yup.”

It was by pure luck that I happened to catch this Tron character next to a motorcycle. It may not be a lightcycle, but it’s still darn cool.

While many of you still may not have seen Legend of the Fist, I highly recommend checking it out. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to recognize this costume after that.

Thanks Chris Vick for letting me know this is Victor Crowley from Hatchet 1 & 2.

Since the Lone Ranger movie is finally going to come out soon, there were a few Lone Rangers this year.

Gooble was a little sad when I told him I didn’t have the money to buy his Yo Gabba Gabba plushie.

I have to say these are my favorite cosplayers of those that I couldn’t recognize their costumes. Thank you to Jenny Cotter for letting everyone know that these lovely ladies are Scorpion and Painted Doll from The Devil’s Carnival.

Here’s someone I never thought I’d see at Comic Con –Snooki!

So technically, Flo isn’t from a TV show, but considering you see her just about every time you watch TV, I think she counts anyway.


I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Powdered Toast Man at Comic Con. In fact, I’m disappointed that I haven’t seen him up until now.

Here’s another cartoon character that couldn’t be more perfect for Comic Con, it’s Mysterion from South Park.

Adventure Time was really popular at the con this year, but I think this is by far the sexiest Lumpy Space Princess I’ve seen yet.

Adventure Time is particularly special as they are one of the only shows that created their own gender-swapped characters. Here’s Fionna & Cake enjoying the convention.

I really loved seeing Louise from Bob’s Burgers since she’s my favorite character on the show.

Venture Bros. fans always love to see Doctor Girlfriend on the floor.

Personally though, I prefer seeing Doctor Girlfriend in her Monarch uniform.

While there are always plenty of Ariels, I particularly liked this one as she somehow looked like I would imagine a real mermaid actually looks.

With a body like this, Malificent certainly could have ended up in the hotties article instead of this one. That being said, she kept making delightfully evil faces that distorted her beauty to better resemble the evil queen.

Here we have Aladdin and Cinderella, but who is the winged gent? Thanks Sara, this is Rumble, one of Tinkerbell’s friends.

This Shipwreck costume was pretty spot on.

Cheetor’s costume was pretty fun, even if it wasn’t the fanciest.

Similarly, Captain Caveman might not have looked perfect, but he was still freaking awesome!

Master Roshi’s costume was pretty good though, other than the fact that the bald cap seemed to have problems staying down.

Even as a large, bald man, Shippo is still pretty hard to resist with that cute fluffy tail.

Here’s Haruko Haruhara and Canti from FLCL.

These guys would work in a comic, anime or game. Do you recognize them? Thanks Amy for explaining that these guys are Amon and two Chi Blockers from he Legend of Korra.

Thank you Fuzzy for pointing out that these two are Mami and Kyoto from Madoka Magica.

I’m thinking she’s from an anime series, but I’m still not sure. Thanks Patricia for letting me know this is Mei from Avatar the Last Airbender.

Here’s Chibi Prussia, Chibitalia, and Chibi England fom Hetalia -thanks Stephanie, I never would have got these without you!

Are these just lolitas or are they from something? Well, the one on the left is supposed to be Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (thank you Marcia for filling me in on that one) and I believe the other one is Cherries Jubilee.

Thanks to Marcia for explaining that this is Princess Luna from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


I tell you, I tell you the Dragonborn Comes. In fact, there he is.

If you prefer more futuristic FPS, then mayhaps you’ll appreciate this Tali from Mass Effect.

It’s always a good idea to be cautious when Umbrella Corp. is around.

Of course, Giovanni Auditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed is also a pretty dangerous fellow, so stay on his good side.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love that Sanrio and Street Fighter are pairing up and Hello Kitty Chun-Li is freaking adorable.

While Cami always looks pretty hot, it’s rare to see Sagat looking so good. My bad, it’s actually M. Bison. Thanks Steven.

Raiden’s look was pretty intimidating though.

Now I’m pretty sure this is Felicia from Darkstalkers, but if you know it’s someone else, let me know in the comments.

On the other hand, I know for sure that this is Princess Peach and Luigi.

This Sonic costume was great, but considering he was actually working for SEGA, I would expect no less.

Now this girl is certainly an Alliance character, but if you have more details on the character, let me know in the comments.

Other Costumes:

This one could almost fit in the category above, but given that The Guild revolves around an imaginary MMO, I’m gonna have to leave Codex here.

This guy was part of the street team promoting the Dawn of the Con Party at Petco Park.

Here’s another stilt walker promoting the party.

This Edwardian costume was simply gorgeous.

This mask was awesome, but I can’t imagine actually trying to breathe through it.

While few steampunk outfits actually look comfortable, at least this one looks manageable.

An angry Jack with Deadmaus? Why not?

And who can resist such a lovely lolita dress?

This lolita was even a bunny as well.

Odd Costume Groups:

Mario, Black Canary and Cutter might not seem to work well together, but I bet they could star in a pretty sweet video game together.

See, I could see Batman hanging out with Silk Spectre, but what’s with the random, stereotypical Mexican dude?

Deadmaus seems to enjoy hanging out with random characters, for example, Edward Scissorhands.

Here’s a bit of eye candy for both of the sexes, a sexy Darth paired with Ranbo.

Apparently, sexy Darth Vader gets around. Here she is flirting with Marty McFly. Still, at least it’s not his mother.

I wonder what Hawkman thinks of Effie’s lottery.

Powergirl and Dread Pirate Roberts might not make sense together, but their costumes sure look right when next to each other.


Here I am as Mal again, this time partnered with Domino, which again makes no sense.

Personally, I never noticed how well Wonder Woman’s outfit matches the Pope’s robes.

The great thing about taking this photo with Princess Leias, a sexy Imperial captain and Batman is that when I asked Batman if he wanted to get in the picture, he responded, “you don’t have to ask me twice” and jumped next to Leia.

Obviously, you’ll immediately recognize the Goblin King and Waldo, but if you’re wondering why the other girl gets in the gallery, it’s because her dress is actually made from Spider-Man fabric. It might not technically be a costume, but it’s close enough to get in here.

The real question about this pairing isn’t why would these two hang out together, but is this really happening or is it all just part of Babydoll’s fantasy?

Earthworm Jim and Iron Man? I would so see that movie, or play that game, or read that comic. Whatever, just put them together somewhere.

I wonder if any Hogwarts gals actually wear lolita clothes when they aren’t in school.

One more odd couple, here’s Goku with Poison Ivy. Why? Because they can.

I love the female Chewbacca costume, and thank you Nina for explaining that the other gal is a female Ramna from Ramna 1/2.

On the left we have Captain Marvel, but who is the female? and thank you Michael Sean for letting me know the girl on the right is Emma Peel from TV’s The Avengers.


Congratulations to our contest winner, Marcia, who won a Paranorman toothbrush that looks just like this:

Who is this pirate?

Is this Blade or Morpheus or someone else altogether? His hair and glasses say Blade, but his outfit says Morpheus.

I know the middle guy is Master Chief, but who are the demony women?

Here we have Iron Man and I don’t know, maybe a G.I. Joe character.

What about him?

Are these two an odd pairing or do they actually fit together?

Where is this couple from?

No idea here either.

I’m just guessing this character is evil, but I have no idea.

The clothes almost look like Han Solo, but the gun and goggles certainly aren’t. So who is she?

That’s it for this year kids, but if you can’t get enough, here are my cosplay collections from 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008.  You might also enjoy these sexy gals from 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2008 or these sexy studs from 2012 and 2011.