Looking For New Hangers? Check These Out


Most people don’t give their hangers much thought, but there really is something nice about wooden hanger. Henry Hanger not only offers an excellent selection of quality wooden hanger styles, they also have them in many great finishes and designs.

Unfinished, black, dark brown and more are all available and they come in matte, glossy or semi-gloss finishes. But more importantly, they come in all sorts of shapes and styles, some of which have notches to hang up your thin-strapped dresses, some of which have bars so you can hang up your pants and yet others have metal cushion clips to pinch up your strapless and delicate clothing.

Oh, and did I mention the clips come in different styles? The hangers also vary in slope, some of them totally horizontal and others with a nice gentle slope like your natural shoulders. The shop also carries children’s hangers, and hangers that are flocked, metal, bamboo and padded fabric, so whatever your needs, they have you covered.

While these wooden hangers are nice for the average person, they are a must have for any retail shop trying to set up with an upscale image and Henry Hanger customizes their hangers and personalizes them so they will satisfy any specific needs you might have in your store. They can even incorporate your company logo into the hangers, which can be beneficial to prevent theft and to help remind past shoppers who bring home hangers to come back to your store and buy more clothing.

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