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Dance Kitties and Birdies…Dance!

That’s right folks, for only $1000, you can buy your cat their very own set of special-made headphones designed exclusively for cats. Of course, if you’re remotely sane, you’d probably be a lot better off spending your time and money at, where you could not only win big money, but also avoid driving your poor feline companion utterly crazy.

By the way, if you do decide to invest in cat headphones, just remember, cats have very varied opinions on Gangnam Style, so learn your cat’s music taste before forcing them to listen to Korean pop music.

While we’re on the subject of animals and music, did you know that parrots (and I’d assume they speak for all birds, at least, in this case) love music, but they have very different opinions when it comes to what kind of music they enjoy? Interestingly, they pretty much all hate electronic music. Yes, researchers studying African grays discovered that when they played rock, classical, folk and pop music, the birds would happily bob their heads to the beat and even sing along. Individual subjects would dance more enthusiastically to the music they personally preferred.

The one music they didn’t seem to enjoy ways electronic. In fact, instead of dancing to the tunes, the birds would squawk and scream in distressed tones whenever Prodigy or the Chemical Brothers were played. Oddly, while these test birds seemed to hate the dance music, there are tons of YouTube videos of birds loving electronic, particularly dubstep.

Little Harvey here, for example, digs the beat to Skrillex’s tunes, to the point where he can even sing his own dubstep without any other musical accompaniment. Heck, even if you hate dubstep, it’s hard not to appreciate Harvey’s incredible mimicking powers. In fact, I think he deserves his own recording contract. What do you guys think?

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