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200+ Killer Comic Con Costumes

Yay, it’s Comic Con time again, which means tons of costume photos, a  photo gallery of hot girls and, for the first time ever, I’ve even collected a round up of sexy Comic Con dudes. So sit back, relax and let the geeks be with you.


It’s not every day you see a sexy black woman dressed up as Hell Boy, but when you do, you sure as hell start off your article with her.

And here are her friend and foe from from Hell Boy II: The Golden Age, Princess Nuala & Prince Nuada.

It’s not a true Comic Con without Batman & Robin.

But this year, the convention was overran by Jokers & Harley Quinns, so I guess the Dark Knight has been slacking off on his duties.

Here’s Miss Quinn in her old-school costume.

And here are her re-vamped Arkham City duds.

What an adorable couple.

Uh oh, looks like the Joker has a little something going on the side with the always sexy Silk Spectre.

Here’s an adorable shot of Iron Man with his cute little son.

On a less adorable note, here’s War Machine from Iron Man.

And here’s Tony Stark all dressed down.

I was surprised to see The Punisher was so short in person. Of course, he still looked bad ass.

Here’s Dr. Strange with Supergirl.

It looks like he managed to clone here because here’s two more Supergirls.

It’s a scary world when there’s more than one Judge Dredd wandering the streets.

In fact, there must be at least three these days.

There were tons Captain Americas at the convention this year, being as how his movie was just released and all.

Here’s another Captain America with the always babetastic Wonder Woman.

And here’s a Wonder Woman seeking her own Captain America.

Here’s Loki from Thor in both his male & female form.

And here’s Loki’s rivals, Sif & Thor

This Hulk costume was hilarious in the half-assedness.

Wolverine looked great, but my camera over exposed his face…sorry ladies.

Moon Knight was there hiding in plain sight.

As were The Blue Beetle & Dark Seid.

Dear Silver Surfer, I think you might want to head to a dermatologist. That stretching looks unhealthy.

These two were promoting their own characters, Pink Girl and The Scone.

Sci Fi:

Have you ever seen a more adorable Doctor?

This Doctor & TARDIS costume set might be the best couples costume of the year.

Of course, I’m always partial to Dalek costumes.

And while it may not technically be a costume, I’m in love with this Dalek dress.

This Doctor was showing his inter-sci-fi mythology love by cuddling up with this cute Trekkie.

Of course, if you go as a red shirt, you’re bound to end up the victim of Face Sucker eventually.

But Borgs are pretty much always safe, although seriously intimidating.

If you prefer classic Star Trek getups, here’s a Klingon.

And here’s his friend.

Leia & Han Solo were quite sexy together.

But sometimes they let things cool down for a photo opp.

Boba Fett is always dashing, whether at the convention…

or out on the streets.

But I must admit that I find him most attractive when he looks like he fell in with the Reservoir Dogs.

These two Jedis made a good team.

As did these Rebel fighters.

But everyone better watch out when the Zombie Stormtrooper heads their way.

Here’s a nicely obscure character -the Death Star Weapons Officer.

And this Padawan Ahsoka Tano costume from Clone Wars might have been the best cartoon costume brought to life.

Like the Dalek dress, this Star Wars dress isn’t really a costume, but it’s bad ass and I want one nonetheless.

Of course, if you prefer a touch of the Western genre mixed in with your sci fi, you’d be happy to see Mal.

Personally, I think the look needs the duster. What do you think?

Here is Savage Opress from Star Wars: The Clone Wars -thanks Derek!


These Sucker Punch babes found the perfect place to pose.

This couple made a great Jack Sparrow & Angelica Malon from Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides.

I loved this Captain Eo costume complete with the cute little flying guy.

Shawn of the Dead apparently lost the battle and was munched on by zombies.

This Ring Wraith was utterly terrifying.

Kick Ass looking hilarious as ever.

Here’s one of the Ghostbusters with arch-rival, the Stay Puft marshmallow girl.

And I can’t say how refreshing it was to see that the Ghostbusters finally hired a woman.

There’s something different about this Green Hornet, but Kato still looks great.

I hope this Dharma Initiative employee made the sub on time.

This might just be the sexiest Oompa Loompa I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a Gryffindor student. With all that red hair, he must be a Weasley.

This guy was working to promote his live-action musical version of the Re-Animator playing in LA.

Doctor Horrible’s newest invention looks rather unintimidating.

Glinda The Good Witch was looking rather fresh and frilly.

Silent Bob had nothing to say as usual.

There were a bunch of Tron costumes, but none of them looked right when I took pictures.

Here was Nina Sayers from Black Swan.

What’s this, here she is again.

And here’s the deadly Black Mamba from Kill Bill.

MBrown, thanks for pointing out that these two are Sebastian and Pluto from Black Butler.

I recognized Michael Myers and thanks matt and choggie for pointing out that this is the clown from Killer Clowns from Outer Space.

Thanks to Monotone for pointing out that this is Fyarl from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


I loved Cartoon Network’s Lady Rainicorn parade piece.

Here were some other people that took part in the Adventure Time parade.

And here’s Flinn, unfortunately sans Jake.

These three Adventure Time fans made their own dresses each featuring a princess from the show. I loved them!

Remember Darkwing Duck and his nemesis Megavolt? Those were the good ol’ days.

This Mad Hatter was simply adorable.

While this Mad Hatter looked utterly insane.

Princess Jasmine was ready to rug it out of there.

Belle & Jasmine looked as beautiful as ever.

And Rapunzel & Flynn Rider from Tangled were ready to fight their way out of the crowd.

I think my favorite Disney costume was Russell from Up! though. Look how cute he is.

Quail Man is ready for the return of 90’s kid show on Nick.

Homer Samurai had his donut ready for fighting. Actually, thank you Shugs for pointing out that this is actually Homer mixed with Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

Duffman just wanted a beer though.

Nathan Explosion needed some touch ups on his makeup.

Sergeant Hatred, Dr. Henry Killinger & Girl Hitler were happily avoiding the Venture Bros.

Cobra Commander & Snake Eyes were ready to start some trouble, but there were soldiers everywhere.

Gumby was looking for Pookey the whole time.

From left to right, Strawberry Shortcake, Princess Lana from Captain N: The Game Master (thanks shortmikeshort), then Rainbow Bright, then Orco, then Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, and Tee-La (thanks Lisa H for the correction).

Video Games:

Thanks Jimmy & Seth for pointing out that she is Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat 3.

Raiden from Mortal Kombat was ready to fight.

But so was Scorpion.

Chung Li was too busy looking cute though.

Ken from Street Fighter is on the left, and thanks Jimmy for pointing out that the girls is Mei Ling.

Sora from Kingdom of Hearts was busy looking for his friends.

Thanks Buck Claborn for explaining that this is an inquisitional warrior from Warhammer 40K.

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad from Assassin’s Creed is always so sneaky.

But the Silent Hill Nurse is always far more intimidating.

It’s a Laura Croft sandwich, but who’s making up the bread? Thank you Malice for pointing out that they are Chris, Jill Valentine and a minor character all from Resident Evil.

Master Chief from Halo is always in attendance at the con. Thanks Hi for pointing out that this is actually just a random teal Spartan with Noble Six.

And this poor Little Sister couldn’t find her Big Daddy anywhere.

These Castle Crashers were ready to smash some shit up though.

Mario & Luigi have become so corporate these days.

Princess Daisy still keeps it real though.

This is the sexiest unknown character I have ever seen. Thanks Twitt for pointing out that this is the sexiest Toadette ever.

Thanks Malis Vitterfolk for pointing out that this is Amirynth Delnaria, a blood elf mage from World of Warcraft.


I think these guys are just Zombie military characters, but if they’re from anything specific, let me know.

Fellow Neatorama writer Nan Koenig recognized these guys from the XtraNormal Movie Maker program.

These guys were their own from characters from their magazine, Bizarro Au Go-Go.

Steampunk was less popular this year than last, but there were still plenty of costumes.

Personally, I still like the style.

The Lion, The Witch & The Werewolf? Actually, this is Penny Dreadful and Garou, stars of Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers. Thanks Dave H.

Lego Transformers are always a fun combo.

Red Riding Hood is just so cute.

Strange Pairings:

Since the rest of this article is a bit organized, here some combos that simply don’t belong anywhere. Take, for example, Hit Girl & Peter Pan.

Why is Wonder Woman hanging with a Cenobite?

And since when do Jedis get along with Morgana from Dragon Age?

At least this Trekkie & Mystique looked appropriately geeky for one another.

But this Little Mermaid was way too hot for Vash The Stampede from TriGun Doctor Horrible, even in his finest Evil League of Evil duds. Thanks Parkingtigers.

Xena again, but who is on the right this time? and thanks redravin and Moosebyte for pointing out that this is Karl Ruprecht Kroenen from Hellboy.

Yoko from Gurren Lagann, Xena and Link. Thanks Shugs for identifying Yoko.

Green Lantern, Rapunzel and Giselle from Enchanted, thanks Allanna.

Help Me Name These Guys:

While there are a lot of video games, comics and other geeky mediums I’m familiar with, I simply can’t keep track of them all. This last section requires your help readers. Help me identify some of these characters.
I have no idea who this is.

So Steve B. and Alex have convinced me the gent here is a space marine from Alien 2, in fact, I think mik may be right when he suggests it is Corporal Hicks. But I’m still not sure about the girl.

Free hugs girls are on the left, but who are the armored men on the right? Update: Thanks Shauni for pointing out that they are from the Kingdom of Caid reenactment group.

I think this guy was just dressed as an adorable kangaroo, but if I’m wrong and he’s actually a character, let me know.

Is he Van Helsing? No. Ellie points out that he is actually Sir Conrad Wright III, Vampire Elimination Specialist, an original character from the League of S.T.E.A.M. Although I still don’t know what the heck is she supposed to be?

This looks like a pride superhero, but I don’t know.

If I just saw the one on the right, I’d think she was steampunk, but with all three of them together, I’m at a loss.

Any comments helping to identify the unknown characters are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

By Jill

Hi, I'm just a crazy writer who spends too much time online.

63 replies on “200+ Killer Comic Con Costumes”

Under help me name these:
Picture 3 – the girl on the right is She-ra
Picture 13 – the girl is Sebastian and the boy is Pluto the Demon Hound from Black Butler

The 19th from the bottom: Judging by the lightsaber and the face paint he looks to me like a mashup between Darth Maul and Skeletor. Or something like that.

The two with Jill Valentine, its Chris and one of the attackers from one of the levels.

The “This is the sexiest unknown character I have ever seen.” one is toad’s girlfriend from Mario, her name slips my mind.

Hope that helps

Alright, 3rd from the bottom is just a girl from Mario’s mushroom kingdom (like Toad),above her is a female version of Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat 3, then above her is NOT Laura Croft, but it’s Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil (not sure who the badass ninja with the gatling gun is, though), and the other Street Fighter character with Ken is Mei Ling (from Darkstalkers and Marvel vs. Capcom 2).

Hope that helps!

6th one down on the right is one of the baddies from Hellboy, seen early in the film.

The 17th one down is Sub-Zero from MK3.

IMG_7916 (Nazi in gasmask) is from Hellboy. Character name is Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.

comic-con-079-2.jpg (pink girl) is Toadette from Mario Kart.

Great pictures!

I’m pretty sure the one you’ve labeled as She-ra in the pic with The Sorceress and Orko is actually Tee-la. She was the girl in He-man. She-ra wears a skirt ane has a winged head dress.

“Homer Samurai” is actually a mash-up of Homer Simpson and Vegeta from Dragonball Z. and the cutie with Xena and Link is Yoko from the anime Gurren Lagann.

I think that, in the picture with Green Lantern and Rapunzel (image Comic Con 129 (2)), the girl in pink on the left is Giselle from Disney’s Enchanted.

the clown with michael myers could be Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen Kings “It”, and the girl dressed in orange with a military looking dude could be a space marine from Aliens with Tails from sonic.

Under help me name these:
Picture 7 – the guy on the left is a Colonial Marine from Aliens with the M41-A Pulse Rifle

The Little Mermaid is actually posing with the Evil League of Evil version of Dr. Horrible.

The dude above the free hugs girls is a Colonial Marine from Aliens.

Green Lantern & Rapunzel are on the right, but who is the cutie on the left?

That’s Princess Giselle from the (mostly) live-action Disney movie Enchanted.

Just wanted to help you out a little,
The first of the strange pairings is Hit-Girl and Peter Pan, not link. He’s hard to recognize because it’s a version of Peter Pan only seen in a show at The Magic Kingdom.

That’s not Vash The Stampede with the Little Mermaid, it’s Dr. Horrible in his newer Evil League of Evil attired.

And the cutie on the left with Green Lantern and Rapunzel is Giselle from Disney’s “Enchanted”.

Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing!

The girl with the green lantern and rapunzel is Giselle from enchanted, in particular from the opening number.

I think the character with Green Lantern and Rapunzel is Giselle from Enchanted (when she is living in the forest as a cartoon at the beginning).

In the 3rd pic from the bottom with Rapunzel, Green Lantern and the unknown one, I believe the unknown girl is Giselle from Enchanted. It’s the red hair, pink dress and flowers mostly.

for : These two, no idea.
I believe seventh one down
The guy is a space marine from Alien 2 the gun is the giveaway. Old thomspson 1927 (airsoft I hope) with the alien space marine kit over it.

the girl sorry I have no idea.

Number 161: The guy is Col. Hicks from Aliens if im not mistaken. The pulse rifle is in his left hand.

You are correct, the 8th from the last is from Warhammer 40K. He is a Grey Knight hero; Inquisitorial “I”, Nemesis force weapon and purity scrolls. HQ unit, 145 points not including additional stuff from the Daemonhunters Armory. Granted he “could” be a Inquisitor lord in power armor who just borrowed a Nemesis, but what would be the chances of that…

@ Matt….yeah, costumes’ great ‘cept for the head….needs to be all big an shit like a Mardi Gras head…half-assed the big-head, otherwise, can’t mistake a scary clown from hell!

Hey! Im pretty sure the zombie military people were from “Zombies” Off COD. I could be wrong, but thats my best bet!

3rd pic down in the Unknown set, the full demon suit, that’s a Fyarrl (sp?) demon from BtVS – the type Giles turns into in the episode ‘A New Man’.

Wow – so envious and wish that I lived on the same continent and could attend Comic-Con 🙂 Looks like so much fun!!!

the darth maul looking, shirtless, horned, face painted guy in the help me name these is Savage Opress from the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon

I definitely see some similarities, but until I find a picture of him that looks just like that costume, I’m leaving it in the unidentified area.

Minor correction: The Master Chiefs you have there are Tucker and Agent Tex, from Red vs. Blue. The weapons and armour are a clear giveaway.

“So Steve B. and Alex have convinced me the gent here is a space marine from Alien 2, in fact, I think mik may be right when he suggests it is Corporal Hicks. But I’m still not sure about the girl.”

The girl is the Kyuubi from the Naruto manga/anime.

For the “Master Chief” image (it’s not actually the Chief but just some random teal Spartan), the second gray dude to the right is actually Noble Six.

I think the girl with Sir Conrad Wright might be a Night Elf from World of Warcraft? Even though the ears are small it just reminds me of it.

that last pic is of course the donut squad from the hit franchise “Dunkin Donuts”! They steal your donuts and eat them to make certain they are consumed properly and no crumbs are left lying around.

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