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The Worst Soft Drink Ever


Who wants to drink horse placenta? Oh me me me!!! Ok, not really, at all. But apparently there are some people in Japan who do. Supposedly that black one pictured is the more potent version.

Now why someone would want to drink this. Aside from it’s delightful flavor (sure) it has an amazing list of health benefits, or so it claims. Some of its effects include skin whitening, headache and canker sore cures, lighter menstrual cramps, decreased sensitivity to cold, and an increase in hunger.

Obviously this is Japanese, as Americans want things to reduce their hunger and want to darken their skin. But I’m still disturbed that anyone in their right mind would want to eat a placenta, let alone drink it like a soda.Oh, and the price makes it even better. It’s supposed to be a daily treatment regimen, but the orange flavor costs $50 per bottle and the black is $100 a bottle.

Hand me a cucumber soda any day, but a placenta drink, I think I’ll pass. Surprisingly though, I may be alone, they’re already sold out of the black flavor.

By Jill

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One reply on “The Worst Soft Drink Ever”

I am not Japanese but I am Asian nevertheless. Placental supplements are HUGE in Asian countries as they promote internal beauty, health & rejuvenation. Sheep placenta being the most commonly available supplement. Horse placenta, rabbit placenta, shark placenta, cow placenta & even pig placenta to name a few. I am turning 31 y.o this year & have been on sheep & horse placenta supplements for more than 1 year to date and I cant even begin to describe how thankful I am to have found these supplements…I just wanna say, dont knock it till you’ve tried it. Coz they really work. Some women even go to the extent of having HUMAN placenta injected into their veins for anti-aging purposes. I have yet to explore that..maybe when Im much older.. LOL. Oh, and collagen supplements are huge in Asia too. many western countries have followed suit, I believe..judging from the many western websites (eg iHerb) selling collagen supplements meant for joint health & anti-aging. Placental supplement has yet to make its mark in western countries, maybe due to the lack of western knowledge on the multitude of benefits of placenta supplements, but I am guessing, in due course 🙂

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