Learn 5 Habits of Successful People

Thursday, April 28th, 2016


There are people in the world today who are indisputable hallmarks of success. It’s natural we would all want to follow their example and it has been proven that, amazingly, there are common traits among them. As the late Dr. Myles Monroe, a motivational speaker, said, success is predictable and so is failure. So, if you crave success, be sure to learn and develop habits that will ensure a favorable outcome of all your endeavors –you won’t regret it. Without doubt, there is no better place to learn these habits other than from successful people themselves! Read on to discover which one of those are the most important:

1. Hard work –of course!

This is the best indicator of success. The output is functionally dependent on the input in any process. Therefore, the more work you put in, the better the results that are likely to come. This is a belief that Michael Jordan holds dearly. They say that what comes quickly disappears quickly. A judicious mixture of perseverance, self-restraint and willingness are a must when tightening your grip on whatever you are doing. A part of that work, though not always directly related, is reading. All successful people agree it cultivates your mind and improves your reasoning. As a result, you can avoid obvious mistakes.  If you think that investing in the written word is a little too expensive for you, there are always useful Amazon coupons at Discountrue.com that will help you shop at low prices.

2. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the catalyst that motivates someone to try again even after failing numerous times before. In order to keep focus, successful people claim that you should only pay attention to your inner voice that says ‘you will make it.’ There are many that will be easily held back by discouragements and negative comments. Dr. Seuss, a celebrated author and a symbol of success, had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers. He did not agree with them but rather surged on courageously knowing that he could do what they thought he couldn’t.

3. Power of Planning

Planning helps in defining your direction and actions every day. Successful people don’t handle whatever they happen to come across on their way. Their actions are calculated and premeditated. Take great care to identify opportunities and then pursue them fiercely. For this purpose it’s helpful to keep a journal or a planner that reminds you where you are supposed to be at what time.

4. Avoid Procrastination

You have heard time and again that procrastination is the thief of time. It is very painful to learn that what you kept postponing will have already been done by someone else. If you can’t get over an idea in your mind, don’t hesitate. Go after opportunities when they arise if you’re fully convinced about them. Elon Musk advises that you should either be part of it or watch it happen.

5. Clearly Set Goals

Successful people set clear and measurable goals that they want to accomplish. They should also be time-bound and attainable. Even if your goals are small, you should go after them. Setting big unachievable goals only results in frustration and discouragement, which in turn ushers failure. Also, remember that it’s not only in the fields of finance and investment that a greater risk yields more returns. It is not customary for successful people to be risk averse. They are never afraid to fail but rather ready to learn even when they do.

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5 Places Around The Globe That Inspired Disney Movies

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Most of us have seen at least one Disney movie, but not many people know that some places pictured in those amazing fairy tales are actually real! In fact, Disney was often inspired by real destinations around the globe and captured those places beauty in amazing cartoons.

If you need more proof, get acquainted with the five places here which indeed inspired Disney movies, rounded up thanks to the Travel Ticker team. Enjoy it!

Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland 


Sitting just nearby the beautiful lake of Geneva in Switzerland, you can find a castle which indeed looks like it was taken straight from a fairy tale. Chateau de Chillon dates back to when Roman Empire existed, and is a beautiful example of medieval architecture. Tourists love visiting this castle not only to admire its beauty but also to enjoy its beautiful surroundings as well. However, this is not why we are talking about it. In fact, this castle was the one which inspired Disney animators to create a Prince Eric’s seaside castle in The Little Mermaid. Some believe that even the rooms of the drawn castle represent the real ones is Switzerland. Visit one day and decide about this myth for yourself!

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland


We are going to talk a lot about castles today, and you know it! And this one, located in Scotland was the one that inspired Pixar to create a castle where the heroes from the film Brave live. This breathtaking castle sits on an island in the middle where three grand sea lochs meet, surrounded by mountain scenery and making it look just exactly how we would imagine from our childhood fairy tales. The good thing is that the castle is pretty well preserved and open for tourists, so you can indeed enjoy walking around there and grasp the amazing atmosphere of beautiful Scotland.

Festival of Lights, Thailand


Ok, we just have to mention this festival here, because it is one of the most beautiful scenes (at least in my personal opinion) in any Disney movie and one of the most beautiful festivals in the world as well. The Festival of Lights is also called ‘Yi Peng’ and during the celebration, people light over a thousand lanterns and send them into the night’s sky all while making a wish. Sounds familiar? Yes, the exact “festival” was pictured in the most expensive Disney movie ever made, which you know by the name Tangled, and you can definitely experience the same beauty pictured in the cartoon in real life. Do we need to say more to entice you?

The Forbidden City, China


One of the mysterious cities in the history, the Forbidden City in Beijing, has inspired hundreds of movie makers all around the globe. Nowadays this amazing palace is open to the public, so you can definitely walk through the halls and enjoy its luxurious and amazing interior, which was pictured in the Disney movie Mulan. However, the timeline of the movie is set during the Han Dynasty,  from 200 B.C. to 200 A.D.; while the Forbidden City was built about 1,200 years later. While there are a few incorrect facts in the film, that doesn’t stop us from enjoying this amazing building and wonderful  movie!

New Orleans, Louisiana


Let’s end with the beautiful city of New Orleans, which was the main setting for the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. Indeed, this city is well-known; with its famous Mardi gras celebration, the fact that it is the birthplace of many music genres like jazz or blues, and its rich culture, New Orleans is very inspiring. There is nothing surprising about this entry, it is impressive how precisely animators captured the spirit of this marvelous city in yet another one of their amazingly beautiful stories.

Cosplay As A Butterfly or Moth With These Capes & Scarves

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016


Whether you love insects or just fun fashion accessories, you need to check out the amazing and imaginative scarves and capes of Etsy seller El Costurero Real.


Their delicate scarves and capes are a brilliant way to help you metamorphosize into the beautiful butterfly or moth you always knew you could be -and how many other fashion accessories give you the chance to do that?


Of course, since the page has been “discovered,” their butterfly and moth item selection has been dropping rapidly, so if you want one, you’d probably better act now.

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Cool Gifts College Students Want This School Season

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Each and every time schools are about to start again students all over prepare for a new semester of lectures, assignments, looking for website with essays like essayzoo.org and new fun times. Some students are anxious to start a new scholastic period while others might be thinking about the beginning of a lazy summer. Students can always benefit from various gifts, and no one else is better suited to give such gifts than you. So if you are running around looking for the perfect gifts for college students in your life, check out the following recommendations that most students will want as they resume school.

Stuffed wallet

It is no secret that college students don’t have money. That’s why it’s no surprise that money is one of their most desired items. There are a huge number of stores where you can purchase good wallets and you can then stuff it with a considerable amount of money or maybe a check.


GoPro HERO4 Session

This is a device that can withstand the great abuse of the most active students. That is why this camera is a must have. It can be used on the beach, swimming pool, hiking or in all other fun activities.


BRAVEN 805 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

The typical college student likes listening and sharing music. A better way and the most appropriate way to help someone do this is by giving them the Braven 805 wireless Bluetooth speaker that works with iPad and iPod.


Geek Clock

Is that college student you know a math genius? Then this is the gift to give him or her.

Apple Watch Sport

If a college student needs encouragement to live a healthier life or even just in engaging in some little activities, then they should use the Apple Watch. Even if your student does not need the encouragement, they could still enjoy it.


This is definitely one item that any college student needs. If you want them to make the most of their free time, then this is one item that you need to grab for them.