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Portal Springs In Real Life

Are you looking to better travel through massive portals? Well then, you might need some of these cool heel springs to help you get jumping -and help stop you from splatting all over.

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A Portal Christmas Tree

I know Christmas is already over, but it’s never too late to share something as awesome as this Portal tree. If you want to know how to make your own for next year’s festivities, here are a few tips:

Basically, it’s our artificial tree which comes apart in three sections. The top section is suspended from the ceiling by an adhesive hook so it simply hangs downwards. The other two sections are connected and placed upside down on the floor – the tricky part is that the branches are meant to be kept extended out by gravity, so there is fishing line attached between each branch and what is usually the base of the tree, pulling the branches up towards the ceiling.

While it looks cool, it seems like it might get in the way since it takes up so much space.

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Great Pictures From Blizzcon

Blizzcon might not be as huge as Comic Con or have nearly as many cosplayers, but those that do show up in costume are certainly dedicated to their game of choice. Check out Geeks Are Sexy’s wonderful collection of Blizzcon cosplayers for more fun.

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Awesome Gaming Pumpkins

From Doom to Super Mario to Minesweeper, Ranker has a lit of some of the coolest video game pumpkins ever.

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Dia de Los Muertos Mario Skull

Because we love skulls, the Day of the Dead and Mario, here’s Johnathan Koshi’s delightful Mario sugar skull.

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DOOM Nail Polish

Now there’s a lady I think I could get along with.

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Even More Awesome Fan Art

If BuzzFeed keeps up their fan art posting pace I’ll have to make linking to it into a weekly feature.

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7 Creepy Ass Video Game Easter Eggs

Who knew that WOW has a secret dungeon and that GTA IV has a creepy beating heart inside the Statue of Liberty? Read about more creepy game Easter Eggs here.

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20 Tramp Stamps That Rock

Most tramp stamps are pretty disgusting, but over at BuzzFeed, they have a nice collection of the tattoos that are actually pretty awesome.