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Cool Transparent Animal Specimens

These awesome and vividly colored animal specimens aren’t Photoshopped, they’re actually stripped of their flesh and then dyed in crazy colors.

Animals Geekery Science

Rainbow Colored Ants

These clear ants munched on this colored goo and afterwards you could tell which ones switched goo piles.

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Amazing Microscope Images

Can you guess what this is a picture is? If you said a strawberry, you win! See more cool microscope shots here.

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Lego Frog Dissection

Finally, a vegan-geek-friendly alternative to regular frog dissections.

Interesting Science

The 5 Horrible Exercise Side Effects

Sure we all want to look a little better naked, but not at the cost of shitting ourselves or destroying our sex organs.

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20 Absolutely Bizarre Animal Species

Some of the animals on this Discovery list are new, many aren’t, but they’re all utterly weird.

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The 6 Creepiest Things In Your DNA

Did you know you can give birth to your own sibling’s child if you happen to have killed them and absorbed them in the womb? Read about this and more disturbing facts here.

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The Vampire Bat’s Sensitive Side

Vampire bats are given a bad name, partially because they survive on blood, but partially because they share their moniker with a certain Hollywood monster. But really, they live fascinating lives that rely on the altruism of the other bats they share a home with. Learn more over on The Proceedings of the Ever So Strange.

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Plush Angler Fish

Why make your kiddos the same boring plushies they could buy at the store, when you could make them an awesome light-up plush angler fish instead? It is not only cute, it will also get them more interested in science and double as a nightlight. Not bad for a plushie, huh?

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7 Amazing Carnivorous Plants

I don’t know about you, but I have always found carnivorous plants to be fascinating. Unfortunately, it seems all we ever hear about are pitcher plants and Venus fly traps. This great article on WebEcoist covers seven different plants of this type, each of which are just as fascinating as the best known of the group.