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A See-Through Car

It might look like a weird painting, but this is a real see-through Pontiac made for the 1939 World’s Fair.

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6 Insanely Stupid Promotional Stunts Ever

You’ve already heard of the Scope’s Monkey Trial, but did you know it was mostly just a publicity stunt for the podunk town of Dayton, Tennessee. Learn more here.

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6 Utterly Amazing Escapes

It goes without saying that there were a lot of USSR residents who longed to escape to live in a democracy, but few of them were so determined as to jump off a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean and swim their way to freedom. Read about this amazing escape and more in this great Cracked article.

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“Reflections” On The Past

It’s hard not to love these amazing pictures of older folks reflecting on their younger selves in the mirror.

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The Parachute Wedding Dress

Sure the parachute bottom makes a pretty wedding dress, but as it turns out, this particular chute played a crucial role in the marriage…namely, without the chute, the husband would have died long before the wedding. Read more here.

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Sex In the Middle Ages

You probably already know that in the middle ages sex was looked down upon by the church, but people still had carnal desires. In fact, the dildo was actually invented back in these dark ages. Learn more over on Oddee.

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6 Civil War Myths Everyone Believes

To some extent, it’s easy to see why today’s kids are so stupid, considering how much of this complete misinformation they still feed us in schools.

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Osama Bin Laden Memes

It was only a matter of time before this historical moment was transcended into the world of LOL.

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American Ghost Towns

Personally, I’ve always found the idea of a ghost town to be simply fascinating…even after I was old enough to realize they aren’t just towns populated with spirits. This fascinating article on Woman’s Day takes a detailed look at some of America’s greatest ghost towns, including Gleeson, Courtland and Pearce, Arizona (pictured above).

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Amazingly Awesome Spy Gears

These super incognito glasses are actually a cyanide pill in disguise, just chew on the tip and the interrogation ends. They’re just one of many cool tools of the trade for super spies during the Cold War. Wired has more.