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Meerkats Playing With Pumpkins

Some of the cutest photos you’ll see all week can be found here. You’re welcome.

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13 Horror Movies Based On True Stores

You can usually get yourself through a scary movie by reminding yourself that it’s only a movie, but when it comes to these thirteen terrifying classics, that tactic requires lying to yourself.

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Ray Villafane’s Incredible Pumpkins

Sure anyone can carve a pumpkin and lots of people can make elaborate designs, but it takes an even higher level of skill to create ones that look like they’re being squished when you put your fingers in the crevices. Ray Villafane is just that good.

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More Dogs In Costumes

I know we’ve featured a ton of pet costumes here already, but there’s no way I could pass on this great list of highbrow dog Halloween costumes. Especially after seeing this adorable Marie Antoinette dog.

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90 Corgis in Their Halloween Costumes

I’m a sucker for Halloween and corgis, so imagine my excitement when I uncovered this article featuring 90 corgis in Halloween costumes.

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Awesome Gaming Pumpkins

From Doom to Super Mario to Minesweeper, Ranker has a lit of some of the coolest video game pumpkins ever.

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Bloody Nurses Photoshoot

Sexy or terrifying? Either way, I like it.

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The Creepiest Places On Earth

If you’re dying for a good scare this Halloween, you may consider visiting one of these 9 terrifying tourist destinations.

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Great Costumes From The NYCC

Technically these costumes came from the New York Comic Con, but they could just as easily work for Halloween.

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8 Awesome Adult Halloween Costumes

I’ve already featured plenty of kid and pet costumes here, but here are some great adult costumes, including this Sputnik 2 one, which requires both man and beast.