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11 Great Sci Fi Tattoos

If you love tattoos and you love sci fi then you’ll love this collection of great sci fi tattoos I wrote for Oddee.

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The Comic Book Color Infographic

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20 Wonderfully Geeky Wedding Invitations

If you like geeky stuff and you like weddings, then you’ll definitely love this great article I wrote for Oddee featuring 20 awesomely nerdy wedding invites.

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Some Seriously Precious Geek Plushies

gotham villians plush toys

If you need something cute to play with or to snuggle with at night, but can’t stand the thought of a boring old teddy bear, then these plushies by Etsy seller Deadly Sweet Plushes is a great place to get your fill.

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LOL Cats for HTTP Status Pages

I haven’t installed any custom 404 pages yet, but if I did, I would certainly use these.

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When Pokemon and Star Wars Combine

This seems so much cooler than the regular old Pokemon cartoons.

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The Ultimate Geek Escalator

The only problem is that it doesn’t turn into a triangle, it just rolls off screen. Still, I’d ride the crap out of that escalator.

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The Geekiest Christmas Trees Ever

Merry Christmas to all of my geek buddies out there!

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We’re Off To Fight The Emperor

Just check out this great shirt over at Ript Apparel today.

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16 Awesome Geek Gifts

Looking for a great gift for your favorite nerd? Look no further than the selection in this great Oddee article.