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Bring Da Awesome: Wolfenflickr

Boing Boing has a link to one of the coolest games ever, only even cooler. Wolfenflickr combines old-school gamer favorite, Wolfenstien, and a flickr stream to spruce up those ugly nazi paintings orginally found in the game. Have fun kids, and remember, Hitler was a failed artist too.


Comic Con Interviews With Adult Swim & G4 Cartoonist

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that at Comic Con I have interviews with the creators of the new Strong Bad videogame (I’ll also be demo-ing it).

I also will be interviewing Adam De La Pena, the creator and writer of Code Monkeys and Minoriteam.

If you have anything you’d like me to ask these people, let me know so I can add the questions to my notes. Thanks!

UPDATE: The interview with Adam of Code Monkeys is not going to happen at this Comic Con. Sorry to disappoint.

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Fun Video Games That Actually Teach You Something -Wow

InventorSpot has a list of four cool video games that are educational as well as fun. I’m not too crazy about most educational video games, but he posted the OG “Oregon Trail” and “Where in The World Is Carmen San Diego.” Where on earth would I have been without those beauties?

Also, he forgot Mavis Beacon…while much of the game was kinda lame, the grocery store conveyor belt game to teach you the number key pad rocked. Seriously, it was awesome.