Punishing the Power Company

pennypacks Have you ever gotten a power bill that was unbelievably high? You just knew there was no way you actually raised your bill 300% or so in one month?

It actually happened to me last month. I wish I had thought to do what this guy did to get even though. He paid his entire $300 bill in pennies. It took two men carrying two large duffel bags to carry his payment and after two hours, company employees had only counted out $26. Take that jerkwads!

Advertising Sickening Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Promoting Cigarettes to Kids

“No advertising to kids in America? We’ll just move to China,” is what the tobacco industry seems to be thinking in this bold move.

They have placed sponsorships on school uniforms for students in Kunming, China. The kids look like race car drivers and they love it.

Great job Marlboro. I remember when you were all American and supporting cowboys. My my how things have changed.