Finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


Nature photography is incredible and inspirational -except when it isn’t and when it comes to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, it most certainly isn’t.


Their photo contest is entirely too hilarious and you won’t want to miss the contest’s 2016 finalists, which include the silly shots featured here and many, many more.

de VAULX Nicolas draguignan Phone: 0952115610 Email: Title: Damn ! Description: A pelican was flying over our small boat. The fisherman was playing with him and threw him a fish. The pelican caught it but he lost it a few minutes later. I like his sheepish look on his face… Animal: Pelecanus crispus Location of shot: Kerkini Lake ( Greece )

Celebrate the derp and enjoy the fact that it’s only natural to occasionally take really bad pictures.

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Do You Believe You Can Fly?

Thursday, September 29th, 2016


I used to be able to lucid dream and when things started to get scary, I would just fly away. Sometimes I’d just decide to soar so I could get to a new adventure. Unfortunately, real life isn’t so simple, but we can still fantasize thanks to a few clever Etsy sellers.


Whether you want to be a butterfly or an angel, Etsy is a good place to let your inner desires fly. Unfortunately, seller OrangCatMinsk is currently out of their beautiful angel backpacks, but you can always bookmark the shop and eventually you may be able to get one of your own. You can still  get your hands on a magical butterfly scarf thanks to CostureroReal though and while you might not be able to soar in reality or in a dreamscape, you can fly away in your fantasies and that’s something beautiful.

Hot New Internet Trend In China – The Underboob Pen Challenge

Saturday, July 30th, 2016


It seems the Chinese want to give the Japanese a run for their money when it comes to having a strange, and somewhat pervy, sense of humor, and thanks to the internet they get to share their strange obsessions with the world.

Their most recent viral pic sensation- boob pen. That’s right, stick a pen or pencil under your boob, snap a (generally not nude) pic and share it on social media.


What anyone but the pen gets out of this is beyond me, but the fun loving yet fickle nature of the internet almost guarantees this will become a thing across the globe for an internet minute.

Luckily, some women have already seen through this cup size shaming posing as a social media trend and have begun tucking pens and pencils under far less racy folds of skin.


And don’t forget about the fellas who came to show the world that boob pen isn’t just for the ladies. Why, that man has magical mammaries!


See China’s ‘Underboob Pen Challenge’ Is The Viral Meme That Won’t Let Go here

The 10 Sexiest Female Cosplays at SDCC 2016

Friday, July 29th, 2016

sexy sdcc cosplay (9)

Cosplay by Vivid Vivka

sexy sdcc cosplay (3)

sexy sdcc cosplay (2)

sexy sdcc cosplay (7)

sexy sdcc cosplay (10)

sexy sdcc cosplay (4)

sexy sdcc cosplay (18)

sexy sdcc cosplay (13)

Cosplay by the always delightful Loretta Vampz

sexy sdcc cosplay (17)

sexy sdcc cosplay (11)

Over 100 Awesome Cosplays From SDCC 2016

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Comic Books:

SDCC cosplay (3)

SDCC cosplay (35)

SDCC cosplay (37)




SDCC cosplay (38)DSCN7018

SDCC cosplay (56)




SDCC cosplay (34)

SDCC cosplay (24)

SDCC cosplay (6)

SDCC cosplay (31)

SDCC cosplay (11)

SDCC cosplay (12)



SDCC cosplay (53)

SDCC cosplay (47)

Tv Shows:

SDCC cosplay (41)


SDCC cosplay (8)

SDCC cosplay (43)

SDCC cosplay (36)


SDCC cosplay (50)



SDCC cosplay (55)



SDCC cosplay (48)



SDCC cosplay (51)

SDCC cosplay (22)

SDCC cosplay (17)





SDCC cosplay (54)



SDCC cosplay (25)





SDCC cosplay (42)

Video Games:

SDCC cosplay (20)

SDCC cosplay (40)

SDCC cosplay (49)




SDCC cosplay (13)

SDCC cosplay (19)

Mixed Groups:

SDCC cosplay (5)

SDCC cosplay (9)

SDCC cosplay (32)




SDCC cosplay (45)


SDCC cosplay (29)



SDCC cosplay (1)

SDCC cosplay (46)

SDCC cosplay (44)

SDCC cosplay (15)

SDCC cosplay (14)

SDCC cosplay (21)

The Addams’ Family Bird

Monday, July 18th, 2016

(Video Link)

He’s creepy and he’s kooky. He’s all together spooky -the Addams birdie. You gotta love how he replicates the clicks with the head. It seems like he really is a member of the Addams’ clan.

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Life on the Road

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

When you’re a trucker, you spend a lot of time by yourself. Being out on the road can be tough, but there are ways to make it fun and exciting. Hot shot carriers have many advantages over the normal 9-to-5 desk jobs so many people have. Here are some tips to getting the most out of your time on the road.

Take Pictures

 One of the best parts of being out on the road is the things you will see and witness. Most smartphones have cameras that take amazing pictures. When you see something cool, whether it is a sunrise or sunset somewhere far away from home, take a picture of it. You will regret the photos you never took more than any that you do.

Use Social Media

There are now more ways to keep in contact with the people you care about than ever. You can take your friends and family along with you when you post your images to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever other platforms you use. They can get a sense of what your day-to-day life is like through the images you share.

Learn About the Places You Visit

When you can, look into the places you will be driving through and get a sense of what they are all about. Take some time to see something different each time you go to a certain city or region. You can make the most of your time driving a truck and really enjoy it. It is always an adventure, if you make it one.

Sponsored Post: SEO and Your Business

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Is SEO Really A Technique Your Business Can Count On?

A lot of ink has been spilled over the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) and whether or not this is a technique that businesses can really count on in order to maximize their visibility on the Internet. The fact of the matter is that there is no better modern technique to accomplish this important goal. However, it’s equally important to understand that this is a technique which needs to be exercised in a knowledgeable fashion if your business is to reap the full benefits that come from employing it successfully.

SEO Is A Constantly Changing And Evolving Technique

As any reputable provider of local SEO services will tell you, this is a constantly changing and evolving technique that has a complex learning curve. It isn’t so much in the actual technique itself, which is relatively easy to grasp and matter, but in the application. Mastering the art of SEO takes a lot of dedication, as well as a fair amount of guess work. The fact that major search engines, such as Google and others, are ultimately responsible for setting (and changing on a frequent basis) the ground rules of the game means that you will have to be up to date and on your toes.

What Can A Business Gain From Making Proper Use Of SEO Techniques?

It should go without saying that there is a great deal to be gained from making use of SEO techniques. The entire purpose of search engine optimization is to incorporate the most relevant and popular key words and phrases into the content of your website. These key words and phrases are the ones that the highest number of people use to search for goods and services on the Internet. When people punch these terms into the search bar, it’s important that they bring up content related to your website. The more often this occurs, the higher your website will be in the first page of results.

What Is The Ultimate Benefit Of SEO?

The more your website turns up in these search results, the more people will be drawn to visit it. The more visitors that come to your official company website, the more potential you have for making sales. And the more sales you make, the higher the productivity and profitability of your business will ultimately be. This is precisely why making use of the latest SEO techniques is a must for every business that wants to stay in the game.

SEO Techniques May Change, But The Ground Rules Stay The Same

While the individual techniques related to the successful practice of SEO may change from time to time, the basic ground rules remain the same. The object is to get as many people as possible to visit your website and purchase goods from your business. It’s important to be sure that the domain host you sign with is able to provide professional SEO assistance in addition to their other services.

Learn 5 Habits of Successful People

Thursday, April 28th, 2016


There are people in the world today who are indisputable hallmarks of success. It’s natural we would all want to follow their example and it has been proven that, amazingly, there are common traits among them. As the late Dr. Myles Monroe, a motivational speaker, said, success is predictable and so is failure. So, if you crave success, be sure to learn and develop habits that will ensure a favorable outcome of all your endeavors –you won’t regret it. Without doubt, there is no better place to learn these habits other than from successful people themselves! Read on to discover which one of those are the most important:

1. Hard work –of course!

This is the best indicator of success. The output is functionally dependent on the input in any process. Therefore, the more work you put in, the better the results that are likely to come. This is a belief that Michael Jordan holds dearly. They say that what comes quickly disappears quickly. A judicious mixture of perseverance, self-restraint and willingness are a must when tightening your grip on whatever you are doing. A part of that work, though not always directly related, is reading. All successful people agree it cultivates your mind and improves your reasoning. As a result, you can avoid obvious mistakes.  If you think that investing in the written word is a little too expensive for you, there are always useful Amazon coupons at that will help you shop at low prices.

2. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the catalyst that motivates someone to try again even after failing numerous times before. In order to keep focus, successful people claim that you should only pay attention to your inner voice that says ‘you will make it.’ There are many that will be easily held back by discouragements and negative comments. Dr. Seuss, a celebrated author and a symbol of success, had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers. He did not agree with them but rather surged on courageously knowing that he could do what they thought he couldn’t.

3. Power of Planning

Planning helps in defining your direction and actions every day. Successful people don’t handle whatever they happen to come across on their way. Their actions are calculated and premeditated. Take great care to identify opportunities and then pursue them fiercely. For this purpose it’s helpful to keep a journal or a planner that reminds you where you are supposed to be at what time.

4. Avoid Procrastination

You have heard time and again that procrastination is the thief of time. It is very painful to learn that what you kept postponing will have already been done by someone else. If you can’t get over an idea in your mind, don’t hesitate. Go after opportunities when they arise if you’re fully convinced about them. Elon Musk advises that you should either be part of it or watch it happen.

5. Clearly Set Goals

Successful people set clear and measurable goals that they want to accomplish. They should also be time-bound and attainable. Even if your goals are small, you should go after them. Setting big unachievable goals only results in frustration and discouragement, which in turn ushers failure. Also, remember that it’s not only in the fields of finance and investment that a greater risk yields more returns. It is not customary for successful people to be risk averse. They are never afraid to fail but rather ready to learn even when they do.

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