7 Dirty But Fascinating Evolutionary Theories

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013


Let’s talk about sex baby… or at least, lets talk about the evolutionary reasons we do it the way we do. For example, why do women have orgasms if they don’t play a direct role in getting them pregnant? Well:

One theory states that women have orgasms only because men have orgasms and, like male nipples, they are something that both sexes develop even if only one gender needs them. Other researchers argue that because orgasms feel good, having orgasms makes women more interested in sex, thus making them want to have sex more often, which would make them more likely to get pregnant. Yet another theory states that when women orgasm anytime between a minute before or forty-five minutes after the man ejaculates, their bodies retain more sperm.

Here are seven fascinating  theories behind our sexual evolution.


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