5 Small, Cool And Smart Things You Can Do In The Kitchen To Save Money And Energy

Thursday, March 31st, 2016


Most of us can probably agree that the kitchen is the hub of the whole household. Here the most delicious meals are made for family celebrations, here you have the best conversations with a cup of coffee and just-made apple pie, and here everyone gathers to eat and just have a good time with the family.

Cooking is really a great hobby, but rising electricity and gas bills please few of us. Especially nowadays when every single dollar can be used for something better. Today, we invite you to get acquainted with five tricks that will save your time and money, as well as the environment and which don’t even require that much effort. Best of all, these tips are super fun, and can be called geeky, because not many people come up with such lifehacks for sure!

  1. Cook in as little water as possible. The more water you boil, the more power it requires to get bubbled, so you are not only wasting water (after all, we tend to spill everything away) but also waste energy too. In addition, in a large quantity of boiled water there are way less vitamins that end up in your food than in a smaller amount, so if you are using a lot of water, you are also wasting many minerals and vitamins too.
  2. Turn off an oven five minutes early. When you are cooking soups, porridge or noodles, turn off the hotplate a bit earlier and use the rest of the time for the food to cook by itself. By doing only this small trick you can save around 5 dollars each month, and that is a fair amount, considering how little you have to do to save. At the same time, if you turn off your oven 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, you can also save a bit of money because even after the stove is turned off, it remains hot for a while. By doing this, you can save around 6 dollars a month too, which adds up to over 60 dollars a year!
  3. Defrost the freezer regularly. Believe it or not, but the more ice there is in a freezer, the higher the energy consumption is. In fact, in the case of a 3 mm thick frost, electricity consumption increases by 30 percent. Let’s not forget that even ice cubes in your drink can harm the environment, so it surely pays off to defrost your freezer time after time. Neat and tidy refrigerators actually can save you around 5 dollars a month. On the other hand, you can also lower the minimum cooling temperature and don’t worry about that too – it will be enough to keep your food fresh and delicious for as long as possible, and you can save a lot of money as well.ruethedayblogcom-shutterstock_276118997-56f52425bd8c1
  4. Do not open up and close your refrigerator unnecessarily. This might be a little bit hard to work on, but it must be done because if you are doing this, you are constantly letting warm air in it, and thus your fridge needs more energy to make it cool again. It is also advisable to keep only cool or cold products in the refrigerator as well (for the same reason). At the same time, do not put the refrigerator next to the various heating devices, such as an oven or radiator, because that also makes your fridge warmer and that makes the beloved fridge work hard to keep itself cool. Help him out!ruethedayblogcom-shutterstock_304167596-56f52426353f6
  5. If you have a dishwasher, wash the dishes at a lower temperature. Why? Because about 80 percent of energy is used just to warm the water alone. Save that energy and instead switch to cooler temperatures because washing dishes not at 65°C but at 30°C can save you around 50 dollars a year and that is worth doing for the environment too. Plus, do not worry about your dishes not getting washed – there are some specialized dishwashing soaps which work perfectly well at low temperatures too. If you need some advice on where to find such products – check Amazon online for a start. Also, remember to use some coupons there as well, to get the best eco-friendly products at the best prices too. Fun, isn’t it?

Amazing Art for Your Dream Shelf

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Who is up for a little #shelfie? Here are some delightful, one-of-a-kind Etsy artworks you could put on your shelf to make yourself smile every time you enter your room.


Who wouldn’t want to take a ride with the devil when he looks this adorable. It’s hard to believe this sculpture by llacarve is only $58.


If you like something a little more cute on your shelf, you won’t want to miss this precious little sloth sold by FlowerLandShop.


Finally, if you’re looking for  true art piece to accentuate your shelf and are willing to pay the price for something that detailed and unique, don’t miss this incredible ducky ship sculpture by spiderjelly. It may be $1,600, but hey, this post is all about dreams, right?

This Dog Has An Important Job At The Airport

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016


Every day, Piper gets a ride to work, where she helps keep people safe at the airport. She’s not a bomb or drug sniffing dog though. Instead, Piper works on the airport helping to prevent something that endangers far more passengers -birds being hit by plane engines.


The 8 year-old border collie simply does what comes natural to her -chasing ducks, geese, owls and more away from the runways. Of course, there was some training involved in getting the pooch to get used to the planes as that’s not something dogs normally feel comfortable around.


Even when poor Piper injured her arm she continued to happily do her duty, running along with an adorable yellow cast. That’s not to say she is in danger at work though. Her handlers make sure to equip her with protective earwear and goggles.

Assassins Creed’s Characters and their Costume Guide

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Assassins Creed is one of the hottest action adventure games out there, allowing gamers to experience high-tech graphics and the character’s innovative fighting and parkour movements that practically every gamer can enjoy. It’s not surprising knowing the popularity of the game, that many fans have their eyes set on copying the character’s great apparel. Each installment of the series featured different characters that appear in different clothing styles and some of the best ones are discussed below and along with information on how you can dress just like them. Well, at least, reasonably close to them.

Connor Kenway


Connor Kenway is the main character from Assassins Creed 3. In the game, you may have noticed his outfit is white, but here you can wear a different version, perhaps in black and red, which will give a unique effect like you’ve never seen before. In fact, you can wear this at a convention, showing off your alternate take on Connor Kenway’s outfit.



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Black Leather Faux Trouser

Black Vinyl Boot Tops Costume Accessory

Mens Leather Winter Super Driving Warm Gloves

Jacob Fryer


Jacob Fryer, the Master Assassin of the British Brotherhood of Assassins, is an essential character in the Assassins Creed Syndicate. When it comes to his costume, it has great British style that you can easily adapt to your own fashion sense, which makes this outfit cooler than the rest.





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Assassin’s Creed Axe

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Assassin’s Gauntlet with Hidden Blade

AC Syndicate Coat

You may want to include this hat too.



Men’s Cotton Trilby Fedora

Arno Dorian


When you really look at it, the outfit of Jacob Fryer slightly resembles Arno Dorian’s apparel from Assassins Creed Unity (seen above). The only major difference is the coat which is navy blue, but it’s better you go for a slightly different look that will be even better than Arno Dorian’s apparel. Use the same items from Jacob Fryer’s guide, minus the coat and the weapons and use these instead.



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Saving the best for last, this is almost everyone’s favorite assassin:

Ezio Apocalypto


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Men’s Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio Apocalypto Cosplay Costume Cloak

Will you just look at that? This is an even more evil version of the classic Assassin’s look, which is black, adorned in fur and features many exciting details -especially the shoulder pad with intricate stitching just like in the game.

Best BMO Cosplays Online

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Adventure Time’s BMO is a simply delightful character. Completely asexual, adorably cheerful and both a friend and source of entertainment in the post-apocalypse, BMO is the electronic friend we only wish we could have. While BMO may not be real (at least not yet), we can at least celebrate him/her through the power of cosplay and here are some of the most delightful BMO cosplays out there.


Model: Laurie Foster
Photos: Erek Foster
Clothes by: We Love Fine


Cosplay by: ShotgunBambi


Photo: grundelite
Cosplayer unknown


Cosplay by: LillithSrevenGe93


Cosplay by: yugihogxx


Canti cosplay by: Dyire
BMO cosplay by: MollyVPhotography
Photo: Donna


Cosplay by: Mrhamball


Finn cosplay by: AmhranNaFarriage
Finn cosplay by: Davide Princess
Bubblegum cosplay by: Federica


Cosplay by: problematiiques


Dress by: Darling Army